F-150 Lightning Frunk: A Mobile Cinema Innovation

Ford Developing Mega Frunk Improvements

Ford is aiming to make the front storage compartment of their F-150 Lightning more efficient with a series of pleasant amenities. CarBuzz learnt from the US Patent and Trademark Office of three individual patents for the automobile giant’s electric vehicle. These patents propose equipped features such as a retractable shade, a movable workspace boasting a drawer and an adjustable mount specially built for television sets.

Beginning with the uninvolved patent, we’ll move towards that elite television set. Everyone is aware of the handy frunk found on the Ford F-150 Lightning and how much thought went into developing the Mega Frunk by Ford in order to include traits like a spill-proof floor, lamps, and USB jacks. Although, what absolutely sets this vehicle apart is its 2.4 kW power source that can jump up to 9.6 kW when equipped with an expanded range battery.

Oftentimes, one might discover someone stationed at the bonnet of a Ford Lightning, madly tapping away on their laptop; crafting a milkshake al fresco or alternatively using the socket to fuel an electric grinder. In a bid to make occupying the frunk even more pleasant, Ford is casting some shade.

In the Lightning, the bonnet and bumper are integrated, and open as a combined component. The angle between the hood and the covered grille is unchanging. Ford’s patent for a front trunk with more clearance and sun cover suggests installing a rotating assembly to the grille so that it can move in an upward direction when opened.

Imaginably, the capacity to raise the grille can result in enhanced overhead space which provides various advantages, including reducing the prospect of hitting your head on the frame when loading or unloading items. Moreover, it is possible to modify the slant of the grille as the sun changes, avoiding direct sunlight from getting to your head and shoulders.

Ford’s patent pertaining to a movable platform situated within the frunk is considerably intricate but perchance the one most purchasers will be overjoyed about. To execute this, Ford must institute alterations to the face of the motor vehicle which will create the most complicated job.

As made clear by the pictures, Ford have proposed that the underlying flat section of the frunk (traditionally used to as a work area) be modified so that it glides out. This would create a greater workspace for the user, therefore this attribute appears to be meant for those who mainly use the truck for labour purposes; though its value is not restricted to this purpose alone; lifestyle users can also take advantage of this development.

A sizeable segment that slides out also encompasses a compartment for stowing goods. With Ford’s case, it serves to indicate the value of having additional storage space by placing accessories within, yet concurrently can readily contain winter attire, tents, or anything that is small enough to fit in. In the event that Ford adds electrical outlets, perhaps the Camp Kitchen formed by Rivian could be reconstructed; the possibilities are infinite.

The third patent is particularly for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy ‘glamping’. Ford’s newly developed system is rather straightforward when compared to Rivian’s somewhat late innovation. The patent explains that you can comfortably watch motion pictures in two forms from your Lightning’s frunk.

The primary design involves a straightforward housing with an incorporated screen that pops out when the bonnet is lifted. Another alternative replaces this with a retractable sheet, akin to what Rivian plans to enable. This piece rolls away and attaches to the hood’s top; meanwhile, visuals or videos are projected from an entity inside of the grille.

This is a handy feature for families who desire to view fright-filled horror films while camping outdoors, though we could also envision it being employed by project overseers to deliver expositions in building locations.

Will any these protected concepts result in a car that is manufactured for sale? The Lightning has been only popular for 2.5 years, which suggests it presently hasn’t gone through a huge renovation; however, we hope all of the characteristics can be present as optional accessories once they come about. Grammar checked and fixed.

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