Ferrari Powered Subaru WRX STI Rally Track Attack

The Ultimate Engine Swap: Yes or No?

CarBuzz recently highlighted the pursuit of Dirtfish rally school instructor Sam Albert to install a Ferrari V8 motor into his Subaru WRX STI. To showcase his achievement, he’s unveiled a video of the brisk rally vehicle in motion. If you want the full experience, crank up your speakers as the X-pipe side exit exhaust has a very delightful sound.

A comprehensive video analysis follows a track-tune of the dynamometer. This car zooms around Dirtfish course with multiple cameras and microphones capturing its movement from almost all sides. The overhead-mounted camera provides amazing full frontal view producing an unparalleled feeling. It is absolutely stunning to watch the 4.3L F136 engine, utilized in variations for Ferrari’s F430 and F430 Scuderia, 458 Italia, and awesome 458 Speciale, poking out from the hood.

This specific model is the 262 cubic inch power plant found in the Ferrari California.

Swapping a Ferrari Engine into a Subaru Rally Car | F136 Build Series Ep4 - Shakedown

Despite the boosted motor, Albert succeeded in holding onto the Subaru WRX STI’s enduring all-wheel-drive arrangement. What’s more, he even accomplished a level 50:50 balance, which is an incredible engineering accomplishment.

The individual states that the new cooling system seems to be in good shape, and the automobile steers much like it did with the prior motor but with a more noteworthy level of torque delivery and control. Be that as it may, they are contemplating altering the final drive ratio from 3.9 to 5.44, however they intend to race the vehicle before making a decision.

He usually maintains the Subaru Driver’s Command Centenary Differential (SDCC) locked, however he did state that it had not been activated for this truncated, narrow track.

Albert constructed the car in order to partake in American Rally Association (ARA) endorsed events, but will require certain limitations to reach that stage. He made this alteration as he realised that a naturally-aspirated motor had more limitations. These cars are not restricted to four cylinders and the borders for displacement is 4.5 liters. Given unrestricted conditions, this individual Ferrari engine produces 483 horsepower and 372 pound-feet of torque.

He intends to introduce the engine-swapped WRX STI in a competitive capacity at the Olympus Rally located in Washington this April.

This may be one of the kookiest engine swatches we’ve seen lately, yet the E30 BMW 3 Series retrofitted with the V10 motor from the E60 BMW M5 is crazy enough to contest.

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