Fiat Global Sales 2022: An Overview

Fiat Leads Stellantis in 2022 Sales at 1.17M Units

It is widely understood that in 2022, Fiat was the leading brand of the Stellantis empire. Even though Jeep had been the main brand for Stellantis since its inception in 2021, based on the collected data from 94 nations all over the world, which accounts for ninety-eight percent of the global total, Fiat achieved first place with 1.17 million units sold.

The amassed quantity comprises both cars and light commercial vehicles, save for the 12,800 units vended by Abarth. These are the facts.

By 2022, Fiat had settled into 18th position on the list of the most popular automobile brands globally. This spot was retained from 2021, but Tesla would manage to overtake it, taking 17th place with sales of around 1.3 million units. Meanwhile, Mazda happened to shift to 19th place with just 1.12 million vehicles sold.

The Turinese label logged a 6.8 percent decline in revenue relative to 2021, better than the double-digit slides noted by other major producers such as Renault, Nissan, Honda, and Volkswagen, but worse than the moderate drops registered by Kia, Ford, and Hyundai.

As anticipated, the majority of Fiats were purhased in Brazil and Italy: the two largest markets. Combined total units sold reached a staggering 651,000 – accounting for 56 percent of global sales.

This number conforms with the heavy dependency of other companies on their most significant markets. As an example, combined China and Germany represented 58 percent of the global Volkswagen brand sales in 2022, and China was responsible for 47 percent of the entire world’s quantity. Ford’s two major countries, the United States and China, contributed 57 percent of its output.

Fiat’s powerful stance in Brazil persists as the primary source of sales and the peak circumstance for examining new sections. The newest Fiat Fastback illustrates this. Luckily for the emblem, the Brazilian citizens react quite favorably to the product and Fiat still owns an impressive standing amongst purchasers. Amounts stayed at a solid 430,000 units last year.

In Italy, the circumstances are a bit more intricate. The Fiat offering is fairly limited, with merely five versions in addition to two rebadged vans. Not since three years ago when the electric 500 was debuted has Fiat introduced any fresh model. Registrations reduced by 18 percent in comparison to 2021, mainly on account of Italians showing little enthusiasm for EVs (the 500 plunge by 24 percent) and their ancient collection (500X and Tipo, going back to 2015, down by 31 percent and 24 percent respectively).

The Fiat 500 has remained a beloved model of Fiat’s. Despite mammoth portions of its sales originating from the internal combustion engine unveiled in 2007, this metropolitan car keeps charming many purchasers across Europe.

Sales for the Fiat 500 experienced a substantial boost last year, particularly within Europe, with around 180,000 units being moved. The main areas this spanned were Germany, Italy, France, UK, and Spain. Astonishingly, in 2022 the electric assemblage of the vehicle accumulated 38 percent of its overall sales worldwide.

The Italian branch of the corporation listed the Panda as the second most sought-after Fiat of past year. Based on analyzed information, the sales numbers for this automotive displayed a 1 percent reduction from 2021 at a total of 137,600 units. This was predominantly from the Italian territory itself, giving it an 84 percent market share. To reiterate, Italy is the sole land that upholds the momentum of the adorable vehicle.

Felipe Munoz, a specialist in the automotive field employed by JATO Dynamics, has crafted this piece.

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