Fiery Fire Truck Slides on Icy Missouri Street, Destroying Chevy Cruze in its Path

Incredible Outcome: No Major Injuries Sustained

Frozen water, commonly known as ice, is a great leveler. A mere sheet of it has the power to transform busy urban roads into slippery surfaces resembling skating rinks, posing a challenge even for a massive 56,000-pound fire truck to maneuver through with ease.

A pair of videos posted on social media documented the incident when a fire truck belonging to the Rock Community Fire Protection District lost control on a peaceful residential road in Missouri while rushing to a car crash. The footage shows the truck spinning 360 degrees on the slippery street, ultimately crashing into a front yard and narrowly avoiding hitting a house.

The huge fire engine swerved to avoid hitting the house, but unfortunately crashed into a parked Chevrolet Cruze located at the foot of the slope. Interestingly, this was the same car that was involved in the initial collision. The impact was so strong that it sent the Chevy careening into the nearby lawn while the emergency truck finally came to a halt, having hit another house in the process.

The Fire Protection Department of Rock Community issued a Facebook statement stating that there were no major injuries reported in the incident. While both cars suffered damage, fortunately, the house remained unharmed without any structural harm.

The event occurred at approximately 7:00 AM on Monday morning in the central time zone, coinciding with a severe ice storm sweeping through the middle of the United States. Missouri and Arkansas, both known for their lack of preparation when it comes to frigid conditions, had multiple counties issued an Ice Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisory. The Rock Community Fire Protection District saw fit to share a video that aimed to bring attention to the dangers of driving on icy roads during inclement weather.

Sources: Big River Ambulance District , KAKE News

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