Own the Authentic School of Rock Minivan and Rock Out Like Jack Black

1987 Dodge Ram B250 on Auction, No Reserve!

Here’s a unique opportunity for you to rock out like Jack Black in the hit movie School of Rock. The iconic 1987 Dodge Ram B250 van, which famously appeared alongside the actor and his talented group of young musicians, is currently available for purchase on Bring a Trailer without a set price.

The film released in 2003 tells the story of a struggling musician who takes on a role as a temporary teacher and turns his students into a rock group, much like this Dodge that gives off the impression of being straight out of the movie. It boasts matching wheel arch extensions, a roof vent, porthole windows, rear window louvers, and a ladder just like those seen in the film. The personalized art remains intact, and the cabin is still adorned with stickers from the band.

In typical band-van style, this vintage Dodge features both organic and artificial rust, chipped paint, and malfunctioning blinkers. It includes three electric guitars, a drum case, a film advertisement, and a snapshot autographed by Jack Black. The provenance of Hollywood Rock-N Country certifies that Jack Black utilized the B250 in the film School of Rock.

Beneath the collection of musical artifacts and aged appearance lies a trusty 3.7-liter inline-six motor. This is coupled with a three-speed automatic gearbox and a limited-slip differential. When it was brand new, this engine produced 95 horsepower, so don’t anticipate winning any high-speed competitions with this tough dude. Its primary purpose is to transport your buddies and equipment to the nearby battle of the bands at the high school gymnasium.

The car is equipped with high-quality 15-inch steel wheels and is fitted with 250/60 Sigma Supreme TR tires, which unfortunately show signs of cracking. Therefore, it’s important to budget for new tires before hitting the road. These tires will not take you very far. The exact mileage of the vehicle is uncertain as the five-digit odometer currently reads around 99,000 miles.

As of this writing, the most recent offer stands at slightly above $5,200. The bidding will close on Sunday, so it’s advisable to act swiftly if you desire to own a part of cinematic heritage.

Source: Bring a Trailer via Silodrome.com

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