Final Look: Lamborghini LB744 Before Debut

The End of the Wait is Near.
The New Lamborghini is (almost) here!

Once again here it is – time to get on the hype train! This will be the last opportunity to check out the mysterious new Lamborghini V12, since its successor, the Aventador, will finally be revealed tomorrow. Recently, a prototype close to finished production, carrying all the ultimate body panels, was seen entering the gates of Italy’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory, where the plug-in hybrid supercar will be put together. We can watch the vehicle being surrounded by some truly incredible cars, one being an early Countach.

With the car’s design essentially leaked in patent images and Lamborghini having disclosed a great deal of the technical specs in a comprehensive teaser campaign, the only major piece of the puzzle that is still missing is the name. Reports have suggested that it could be called either the “Revuelto” or “Tormenta,” though nothing has been confirmed as yet. For now, the Italian marque refers to its new flagship model by its internal codename – the “LB744.”

Lamborghini, a fully incorporated subsidiary of Audi, has decided to maintain the livespan of their infamous V12 motor with an incredible new naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter powertrain. This standalone motor will be partnered alongside three electric motors which, combined, generate up to 1,000 horsepower. Alternatively, you can opt for all electrical navigating, where just 180 hp can be deployed without the regular combustion engine running.

Besides flaunting its brand-new V12, the LB744 will also be equipped with a dual-clutch, 8-gear automated transmission which is supposed to be featured in the 2021 Huracan successor. Surprisingly, Lamborghini has not revealed any information regarding the car’s kerb weight yet but did mention that their recent combustion engine is 17 kilograms (37 pounds) lighter whereas the carbon fiber monocoque weighs 10 percent less in comparison to the Aventador.

A modest 3.8 kWh lithium-ion battery attached in the middle tunnel should be sufficiently powerful to offer up to six miles (10 kilometers) of range, so it’s safe to state that one would not be able to save the world by driving the LB744 in electric mode. Lamborghini have validated a wide variety of features such as enhanced brakes on both axles, firm anti-roll bars, condensed steering ratio, and rear-wheel steering for their highly sought after Raging Bull; weight distribution of 44:56 is assured.

The irritating camouflage is set to come off lastly on March 29th, 1 PM Eastern Time (17:00 CEST or 5 PM GMT).

Source: Varryx / YouTube

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