First Look: Tesla Cybertruck Inside & Out

Examine Official Leaked Shots of Cybertruck’s Dashboard.

The Tesla Cybertruck is slated to make its grand entrance in full-production mode sooner than expected, on November 30th – four years after the initial prototype was presented to the public.

Tesla is due to release customer models of their groundbreaking electric pickup the following Thursday. The company hopes to make public pertinent information concerning battery capabilities, drivetrain setups, performance expectations, scope metrics, and cost estimates as well.

As we move closer to its eventual release date, more images and clips of the Tesla Cybertruck keep on appearing online. Recently, a batch of pictures have been circulating that seem very legitimate–indicating these could be leaked press pictures of the vehicle.

A sequence of pictures were made visible on X by @ya78756632, however these were initially dispersed on Weibo by user xiaohongshu, who’s brand can be observed in the bottom right corner of every photo.

The photographs offer a superb peek into the cockpit of the Cybertruck – presented here in crisp white trim – highlighting its touchscreen user interface, geometric steering wheel, expansive center console, invigorating chairs, and sunroof.

An image supplies us with a detailed look at the touchscreen display, affording a glimpse of specific menu options. Specifically, we distinguisb the operation tiles for such features as the tonneau cover (raise and lower), suspension settings (entry/low/high), steering control, side mirrors adjustment, headlight operations, security devices such as child lock and window lock, sentry mode, as well as car wash mode.

Large side supports in the front-row seating and airy cushioning material suggest that both the ventilation and heating functions are available.

A photo of the open hood exposes an acceptable amount of storage area, although not nearly as great as the F-150 Lightning. Moreover, a close-up image reveals the triangle mirror casing and an extremely oversized windshield wiper.

Ultimately, the snapshots provide a pleasant glimpse of the Cybertruck as it motored ahead. It’s worth noting that these visuals highlight the excellence of its exterior and interior design; they are impressive to observe.

Fortunately, this seven days we got more than only new photos as Tesla’s recent advertisings notices that had been put up at their showrooms showed the Cybertruck to possess a pulling capacity of 11,000 pounds with a payload of 2,500.

It remains uncertain to which form of battery-motor pairing these measurements pertain; nevertheless, these figures set out to display that the Cybertruck is no less than a serious pickup truck– superior to any and all battery-powered options let loose up to now with regards to cargo carriage. Its only competition when it comes to hauling strength being the Rivian R1T.

“The Cybertruck’s bed is constructed from ultra-tough sheet molding composite (SMC), and the glass is shatter-resistant,” the banner proclaimed. “The truck also has an ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton, making it ‘the world’s toughest truck.'”

We shall most likely obtain greater knowledge concerning that on November thirtieth, when Tesla is set to hand out the very first Cybertrucks to their customers–only 10 motor vehicles may be presented at the happening occurring at Gigafactory Texas, according to Tesla’s product design director Javier Verdura.

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