First Rivian R1T Dual-Motor Produced

Rivian Delivery Starts June: R1S/T Dual-Motor.

Rivian has crafted the pioneering dual-motor R1T electric truck intended for a purchaser, symbolizing the interior Enduro propulsion system’s introduction on the series of thrilling electronic vehicles known as the R1.

On May 25th, the first Rivian R1T featuring a dual motor emerged from the assembly line in Normal, IL. Previously, the EV startup had commenced deploying Enduro drives for their Electric Delivery Vehicles (EDVs) that have been assembled for Amazon.

The EDV electric van makes use of the Enduro drive unit in a single-motor, front-wheel-drive outfit, while the R1S and R1T feature a double-motor, all-wheel-drive arrangement.

Rivian declared that the introduction of the dual-motor Rivian R1S and R1T production enables additional capacity for the R1 models, while their quad-motor automobiles, which include external drive units, keep on increasing rapidly.

The car manufacturer declared that distribution of both electric motor R1S and R1T models should start in June.

The Dual-Motor AWD powertrain provides hearty performance with more than 600 horsepower and almost 812 Newton-meters of torque as standard, or alternatively offers over 700 hp and a colossal 948 newton-meters of twisting force when optionally outfitted. The quad-motor version is tops in the lineup for sheer power, yielding 835 horses combined with an astronomical 1,230 newtons-meters of torque.

Rivian claimed that the twin-motor configuration will be more economical than what has already been made available from Bosch. This is validated by the augmented range of up to 400 miles for the R1T featuring the Max Pack battery and 21-inch wheels as well as a potential 390 miles for the R1S having the same configuration.

The incorporated quad-motor design is only attainable with the Large Pack energy cell that grants up to 328 miles for the R1T affixed with 21-inch rims – the Dual-Motor R1T fastened with the identical power source and tires achieves an impressive 350 miles.

The dual-motored Rivian R1T and R1S are more cost-efficient than their four-motor equivalents, beginning at $73,000 for the R1T and $78,000 for the R1S – both equipped with the Standard battery pack and without the extra $1,800 shipping. These essential models could gain a $7,500 federal tax discount.

Source: Rivian Stories

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