Rivian Max Pack R1T Performance with Dual Motor

Dual-Motor AWD Max Pack Battery Now Available

Towards the end of 2020, Rivian discontinued the Max package in their flagship Quad-Motor AWD trim R1T. As promised to clients who pre-ordered it, this has now been replaced by a dual motor ‘Performance’ variant which is bundled with the aforementioned Max pack. The new Performance Version exhibits modified EPA ratings with the Max Pack included.

Reports from a Rivian owner’s forum have surfaced, with reservation-holders being advised that they should customize their electric trucks with the latest specs to guarantee a speedy delivery. Our team has double-checked with Rivian, who affirmed that all customer orders have been shifted to the new Performance Dual-Motor AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) model that features an EPA-estimated range of 400 miles, alongside 700 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque.

Rivian has issued clarification on the differences and applications of each of their respective powertrain options. In a nutshell:

For those who crave everyday driving adventure and dynamic lifestyles, Dual-Motor AWD is designed to deliver. It supplies a generous 400 miles of range alongside a substantial 600 horsepower.

The Performance Dual Motor AWD configuration augments both strength and quickening (400 miles of range alongside with 700 hp). This update allows for a more powerful, faster-than-ever ride.

Quad-Motor All-Wheel Drive provides unparalleled on and off-road ability (328 miles of range and 835HP).

The variety of each version might be shifted by the configuration, mostly taking into consideration wheel size. If you intend to maximize the range of every model, you have no choice but to select the specific wheel size. As a good example, to get the maximum 400 miles on a Dual-Motor AWD with the Max bundle feature checked off, it is necessary to choose 21-inch road wheels. Conversely, if you decide to go for 22-inch sport wheels you will see the range reduced by 40 miles, whereas for 20-inch wheels along with the All-Terrain Upgrade, it will be cut down to 335 miles.

For the Performance Dual Motor AWD powertrain, the Large bundle grants 320 miles of range while the Max pack offers 400 miles; however one can just avail of 21-inch wheels rather than 20-inch off-road or 22-inch sport wheels.

The identical wheel selection applies to totally maximizing the output of the Quad-Motor AWD framework, however equipping 22-inch wheels brings about a substantial decrease in range – down to 303 miles from the ordinary 328. Additionally, opting for the All-Terrain Upgrade further reduces it to just 274 miles.

Complicating matters, the essential aspect to bear in mind is the capacity individuals need, or else they may be going around with a more high-priced and bulkier energy source than what is necessary. In the event that you have a residential charger and long for the adeptness of the Quad-Motor AWD and 22-inch Sport Dark wheels without going beyond 100 miles from your abode, then that’s completely feasible.

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