Ford Mustang: 8-Second Quarter Miles

Shut Up, Four-Banger Haters!

The turbocharged four-cylinder iterations of the legendary Ford Mustang might not come to one’s mind initially when they think of blistering speed, but Engineered Motorsport Solutions Inc. (EMS)’s version of the iconic sports car can blaze a quarter-mile run in a mere eight seconds. Yes, this four-cylinder ‘Stang is nimble and quick enough to rival a Dodge Challenger Demon, even on the drag strip.

The EMS Mustang, as seen on MotiveVideo’s YouTube channel, is far from stock. Jessie Ringley of EMS has dubbed this car the “EcoBeast”, and it’s easy to see why: it has gone through several four-cylinder engines in its lifetime. That’s why most people opt for the tried-and-true supercharged V8.

This most-recent iteration, Jessie attests, can generate 200 horsepower per cylinder, accounting for a total of 800 horsepower.

4-Cylinder Mustang Runs 8s! Ecoboost with Kelford Cams

To reach this end, a slew of customizations are made to the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four cylinder motor, from a port job on the heads to high pressure fuel pumps, custom camshafts, increased compression pistons, R&R aluminum rods and finally, the Magnus intake manifold. These are just some to mention.

Fascinatingly, this construction exclusively makes use of straight injection. For added sturdiness, the engine block has been updated with a customized MazdaSpeed3 part, reported to be more solid than the blocks produced by Ford.

Finally, the construction entails a good-sized Precision turbocharger, with licks of nitrous oxide for assistance. The constructor has declared that they have already upped the increase to an eye-popping 60 psi with no hitches. Though nothing in terms of power was provided by the vehicle running that much boost, it is at least an indication of the durability of this latest build. Let’s hope it doesn’t meet the same demise as its predecessors.

Having everything taken into consideration, one can be sure that this EcoBoost build-up will repress any opposing four-cylinder disapprovers. Yet, Jessie is not finished with this project; he has aspirations of augmenting the performance and lessening its reliance on nitrous.

Jessie is determined to get his EcoBoost Mustang into the 7s and is now looking at alternative options to make that happen. He’s considering using engine components from a Land Rover Evoque, and shifting away from their current nitrous setup to a compound setup, which is known to provide substantial power gains at low RPMs. “I’m looking to get deep into the 7s,” says Jessie. If he succeeds, it will be an incredible feat for an EcoBoost Mustang.

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