Ford Ranger Tremor: Affordable Alternative To The Raptor

Smaller Sibling, Bigger Ability on Unfamiliar Terrain

Pursuing in the aftermath of the uncovered Wildtrak X, Ford has presented the pristine Ranger Tremor — a rough, stripped-down edition based on the simpler XLT grade.

Ford has given its handsome pickup truck several upgrades, including a black-painted sports bar, cast aluminum side steps, and exposed tow hooks up front. According to the automaker, these accessories add to the “function-led styling,” along with the darkened radiator grille and Boulder Grey body decals.

As one could have predicted, these trivial modifications are indicative of improved aptitudes. The Tremor leverages its all-wheel-drive system from the Wildtrak X plus several other suspension and technology improvements. Accordingly, the modern Ranger configuration has access to Bilstein Position-Sensitive Dampers which enable higher off-road abilities without compromising on-road convenience.

The Tremor enjoys the advantage of a raised ride height of 1.02 inches, and its width has been heightened by 1.18 inches.

Nice extras with this Ford Ranger model include Trail Turn Aid, which can shrink the turning radius as much as by a quarter, made possible through brake-based torque vectoring. Off-roaders will find Rock Crawl mode and Trail Control come as regular features; these should provide a simple glide over rough ground conditions.

The Tremor package obtains the same stylish 17-inch wheel pattern as the Wildtrak X; however, it forgoes the silver embellishments added to the latter’s wheel adornment. Chunky General Grabber AT3 285/70 tires should guarantee dependable traction and sturdiness.

In contrast with the Wildtrak X’s plush interior of Miko suede and additional luxurious furnishings, the Tremor is outfitted with a more practical cabin. Its seats and floors have been clad in water-repelling vinyl trim, perfect for tackling the mud and sand on one’s adventures.

Customers who desire extra parts – like a winch or exterior lamps – should be delighted to know that the Tremor has already-wired roof switches. With them, owners can setup any type of accessory they want without making a mess with the interior components or fiddling with tangled cables. A great choice for the bold and courageous types!

The pictures of the Tremor seem to point out that climate control, electronic gauges and a portrait-style main display will all be included. Some of the components shown could be potential optional add-ons, but that would more than likely vary depending on the zones in which it is sold.

A great alternative is provided by the Flexible Rack System. It can provide users with a customizable gliding rear cargo holder and collapsible roof rack, enabling them to transport larger items on the roof while freeing their truck bed for other tools.

In the UK and other areas, the Ranger Wildtrak X is decked out with a two liter turbo-diesel motor providing decent performance – 202 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It’s possible the Tremor will have access to the same engine. Mind you, an even more potent V6 diesel option is on offer though there has been no word from Ford of its availability for the Tremor.

Production of the US-spec edition shall start in July, and Ford America has our hopes of making the Tremor and Wildtrak X accessible in the local market. They make a nice choice if you’re unable to go for the advanced Ranger Raptor, which is powered by a petrol V6 engine generating 288 horsepower in Europe. Hopefully, it will likely equip home units with more power.

American buyers are well-acquainted with the Tremor variant; present in the F-150 and newly available across the famous Maverick lineup, it’s clear to see the range of desire.

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