Ford Registered RS200 Trademark, Possibly For New High-Performance Vehicle

Hoping this is more than a formality to safeguard the iconic title.

The enigmatic realm of automaker patents and trademarks is abuzz with two letters and a numerical value: RS and 200. It has come to our attention that Ford has filed for the trademark of RS200 in Europe, sparking excitement and speculation about the possibility of a revival of the iconic rally-inspired vehicle making its way to the market. However, it may be premature to get too excited about this prospect. Let’s delve into the reasons why.

Car manufacturers often secure the rights to a variety of titles, but many go unused. While a multitude of fresh monikers may hint at potential new car designs or trim options, reviving former names can also signal a comeback. However, these previous labels still hold value for the company’s brand. In certain cases, it may be necessary to re-register a trademark solely for the purpose of preserving said value. It is irrefutable that Ford holds great brand recognition with its RS200 title.

The Ford RS200 was born as a result of Group B, a time during the 1980s when the World Rally Championship became wild with ludicrously dominant competition vehicles posing as ordinary, road-legal economy cars. In order to join in on this madness, car manufacturers were obligated to produce a specific number of authentic street models to meet the homologation rules for the championship.

The origin of the Ford RS200 began with its conception and development. With a 1.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, this car produced an impressive output of 250 horsepower in its standard road-going version. However, in its race-spec form, the engine was amplified to produce around 450 hp. While this may not seem like a significant amount by today’s standards, it should not be underestimated. This fierce vehicle had a mid-engine layout and weighed only 2,600 pounds, making it a powerful force to be reckoned with on the track. Its all-wheel drive system added to its capabilities, earning it the reputation of being a rocket ship amongst its competitors. Thus, it comes as no surprise why our hearts flutter at the mere mention of the Ford RS200 trademark.

At the moment, there are no signs of any developments from Ford in regards to an upcoming vehicle, but one can hope. It is probably just a precautionary measure for the company to secure the name, and it is understandable. The market does not require a five-seater electric SUV adorned with RS200 labels.

Source: European Union Intellectual Property Office via AutoGuide

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