Ford’s MEB Electric SUV: Last Tease Before Launch

European-Made: From Factory to Buyer

Ford are about to embark on a new journey in their story, having lately produced the first of their electric cars at the Cologne manufacturing facility in Germany. Even though we don’t know the title yet, we have had only seemed tiny snippets of its exterior. At this point there have been numerous employees from Ford who were lucky enough to check it out completely! We must add that none of them has been involved in the construction as they wanted to show their initial impression by way of a brief video (underneath). This is the last teaser of this car until tomorrow when it is officially exposed.

If you’re employed by Ford, you may be feeling some pressure to express delight at the company’s newest item in front of the lens. Yet amazingly, these answers seem to be very honest and unpremeditated compared to what you may imagine. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether or not these people truly enjoy the fresh battery-powered SUV; it is an absolutely essential element to Ford’s European selection, making a feature debut at its Cologne site.

Though we don’t actually have a first glance of the auto, teasers suggest that its outward appearance is similar to an augmented rendition of the Volkswagen ID.4. This vehicle’s architecture is akin to the latest Ford crossover; however, several changes in engineering and design have been implemented by Ford to create a palpable dissimilarity between the models. In relation to the product line-up, this new SUV is positioned second to the Mustang Mach-E and next in succession to the forthcoming electric Puma which will have full production in Craiova, Romania commencing 2021.

The specifics of the technology remain unknown at present, though it is likely that the Ford EV SUV will largely share its performance capacity with the VW ID.4. One can anticipate two alternative battery packages in addition to a standard single-motor rear-wheel drive electric system. There is also suspicion of an all-wheel-drive dual-motor option as the corporation has unveiled information about another electric SUV named the ‘Sport Crossover’. This is expected to be a more powerful, commanding AWD variant.

Come tomorrow, significantly more will be revealed; so, keep an eye out for our coverage surrounding the introduction of Ford’s electrified SUV.

Source: Martin Sander on LinkedIn

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