Foxbody Mustang + Barra = Drag Racing Glory

Foxbody 9.2-Second Quarter Mile Passes

We have encountered several builds of the Foxbody Mustang previously, however, one with a Ford Barra motor is particularly alluring. For those who are unaware, the Barra motor is Australia’s response to the Toyota 2JZ, with its cast-iron block enduring gigantic turbocharger pressures with only a few modifications.

It may be asserted that it is indeed one of the best inline-six powerplants ever created and is highly sought after for competitive racing in Australia. It is often chosen for its numerous applications, yet its zeal for turbocharging makes it an especially fitting motor for drag competition.

Jayson Waye’s white Ford Mustang is a standout among drag racers. The beginnings of this project came from an entrepreneurial thought of creating a conversion package from his organization, Tuff Mounts. With the kit transformed, Jayson had a vision to bring the muscle car to the race track routinely.

The BARRA is a perfect fit for the Ford Mustang | fullBOOST

The originally intended objective was to craft these kits and ultimately deliver them to those in the United States who wish to carry out a similar engine exchange. It may not be as over-the-top as the classical Hoonigan-driven Foxbody Mustang of the late Ken Block, nevertheless, the Barra substitution still manages to produce some very noteworthy horsepower.

This FG Turbo Barra motor is reportedly “stock” internally, but it has been outfitted with some impressive aftermarket components. A Pulsar G42 turbo and Jonny TIG Turbo manifold have been added to the setup, as well as a Plazmaman intake manifold and intercooler. Siemens 2,400 cc injectors have been incorporated to increase the fueling limits, and new valve springs and head studs have been installed to round out the build. All in all, it’s a relatively basic build.

The results of the most recent dyno test demonstrate that these alterations boost the vehicle’s wheel horsepower to approximately 812 with E85 ethanol and 26 psi of boost. It is not exclusively a Ford assembly, as the Mustang features a Holden VE radiator equipped with original fans for temperature reduction.

Aside from its Tuff mount conversion kit which encompasses engine mounts and a Turbo 400 transmission cross member, the customised muscle car also possesses a 9-inch rear differential along with a 40-spline gun drilled axle. With all that horsepower stored up under the hood, the Foxbody ‘Stang is able to do a quarter mile in about 9.2 seconds at 151 mph. Waye has made it clear he wishes to make the vehicle even swifter than it is already.

Within, the Mustang clings to its ’80s ancestry with its red inner coverings. Mostly undisturbed, it was redone due to fading deficiencies. However, a raceway oriented build such as this requires the authentic seats and an alternative gearchanger. Moreover, the vehicle likewise holds on to a sundry of Haltech features, consisting of an Elite 2500 ECU and gauges to monitor everything.

We are passionate about this construct, however we would like if more US citizens would take on the Barra swap. Even though it might not be conveniently accessible in America, undertakings of this kind are worth the effort.

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