From the 1987 Grand National to the Grammys: Killer Mike’s Grind Is On!

Killer Mike’s Grammy win brings his ’87 Buick Grand National back to life in just 3 weeks – see it on Grind National!

Each person has a history, whether they are seen as virtuous or immoral. This quote is one that admirers of Killer Mike, the Grammy-winning rapper from Atlanta, may have come across on his social media platforms. While the phrase may have originally been directed towards a different purpose, it seems fitting for his latest endeavor – a 1987 Buick Grand National. Killer Mike has always had a passion for cars, and this project is no exception. He purchased the Buick as a rundown vehicle, with the intention of restoring it to its former glory. But what sets this restoration apart is not just the sleek black exterior or powerful engine, but the deeper meaning behind it.The Grand National, known for its iconic all-black appearance and impressive speed, holds a special place in American history. It was originally designed in the 1980s during a time when economic hardships and racial tensions were at an all-time high. The Buick, along with other muscle cars of the era, represented resilience and success amidst struggles.For Killer Mike, giving new life to this car holds a similar significance. He sees it as a symbol of hope and determination, a reminder to never give up despite any challenges faced. As he transforms the car piece by piece, he also

This year’s Grand National has a history intertwined with Killer Mike. From its appearance in the 2020 music video for Run The Jewels to its representation as a Hot Wheels toy, the car has made quite an impression. However, it is not just about its past. The car also holds immense importance for Killer Mike’s future as he, along with the Hemmings build team, embarked on a challenging journey of restoring the vehicle in just three weeks. This ambitious project was undertaken with the goal of cruising the car during the Grammy roll-in of 2024.

Armed with his tools and captured in stunning 4K resolution by Hemmings, the deadline for the red carpet was successfully reached as the rap artist embarked on a journey in a powerful hot rod to dominate the Grammys. The entire story unfolded in six thrilling episodes of Killer Mike’s nationwide hustle, with the grand finale being released today.

According to Mike Musto, the Director of Programming at Hemmings, the response was a resounding YES when Ron Baugh presented us with the chance to create a video series highlighting a unique car build for Killer Mike at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

IT'S A SWEEP! Rollin' to Victory in the Grind National - Episode 6

Renowned rapper Killer Mike undertook a 1987 Grand National restoration venture, replacing its engine with a supercharged LT4 sourced from a Chevy Corvette C7 Z06. The innovative modifications encompassed scanning the engine bay to precisely fabricate motor mounts, fuel and cooling systems, and even a dry sump oiling system.

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The all-black factory paint received a glossy finishing, along with pieces of Grammy awards and the customized emblem of “Grind National” which represents Killer Mike’s record company, “Grind Time Records”. As Episode 6 clarifies, the badge pays homage to the hard work and determination required in the music industry.

In an exhilarating conclusion, the group completed their task just in the nick of time and Killer Mike cruised to the Grammys in his revamped Grand National. During the ceremony, he walked away with a triumvirate of accolades: Most Outstanding Hip Hop Album, Finest Hip Hop Track, and Superior Hip Hop Presentation.

The fulfillment of working together with Hemmings and my close companions Musto, Ron Baugh and Suppy to materialize this project is a surreal achievement,” he expressed. “And so, it was necessary for us to immortalize this moment. To top it all off, winning big at the Grammys adds even more significance to this unforgettable day.” The Grand National, along with the Grammys – what a royal day it was, fit for a King or a Killer – Killer Mike.

An intricate dance between restoration and modification, classic car ownership is a fine balance that requires both skill and vision. When it comes to breathing new life into a vintage vehicle, there are two schools of thought: strict adherence to originality or creative customization. Each has its own merits, but the ultimate goal is to create a unique and enjoyable driving experience.The art of restoring a classic car focuses on preserving its original components and features, often with the goal of achieving a factory-like finish. This involves extensive research and access to authentic parts, as well as precise workmanship to ensure historical accuracy. Some collectors even go as far as seeking out vehicles that were made in specific factories during certain time periods, adding to the challenge and authenticity of the process. The end result is a piece of history that can be proudly displayed at car shows and museums.On the other hand, modifying a classic car allows for more personalization and experimentation. This approach involves incorporating modern technology and parts to enhance performance, safety, and convenience. It also allows for the expression of individual style and taste, creating a one-of-a-kind vehicle that reflects the owner’s personality. While purists may argue that it takes away from the original character of the car, enthusiasts see it as a way to make older

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