Future Ford EVs: Outfitted With Tesla Charging

Ford EV Buyers Gain Access to Tesla Superchargers

Ford has just revealed that their imminent electric automobiles will boast Tesla’s NACS charging link, consequently permitting Ford EVs to avail of all Tesla Superchargers present in the US and Canada without an adapter being required.

An announcement was made at a live Twitter Spaces gathering attended by Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. According to Farley, it appears that the forthcoming Ford electric cars will come with two charging outlets. Farley declared that Ford EV proprietors would still be able to employ their Ford chargers, indicating that these vehicles will either have two charging ports installed or offer an adapter for this purpose.

Since the arrival of the Tesla Model S, the North American Charging System (NACS) has been utilized in the US and Canada. This interface is suitable for both home charging and rapid DC charging via Tesla Superchargers or other fast-charging sites – just an adaptor is required.

Tesla not long ago made its Supercharger Network obtainable to any other automobile maker with the aid of something dubbed the Magic Dock. By means of this attachment to certain Tesla Superchargers, cars compatible with the CCS1 system can be plugged in for charging.

In accordance with Ford’s plans, the deployment will be handled in such a manner:

Ford has simplified the process for its owners to take advantage of Tesla’s well-known Supercharger network and their National Chargers’ Association (NCA) connector. Moreover, the dependability of the Tesla Supercharging infrastructure is an additional plus point.

Teslae commented on this advance as well. Rebecca Tinucci, who holds the senior position of director of charging infrastructure at Tesla, said:

Tesla recently made open access to their innovative NACS standard, thus granting any auto manufacturer authorization to utilize and accept it. Aptera Motors affirmed that they would take advantage of the new system, but until presently with Ford’s huge declaration, no other major motor vehicle supplier had pledged to embrace NACS.

We would appreciate it if you shared your opinions on this critical charging announcement in the comments below. If you’re the owner of a Ford or Tesla EV, we invite you to give us feedback as well, as these two parties may not have the same point of view regarding this matter.

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