Get Your Hands on President Biden’s Personal Cadillac ATS-V Today!

Presidential Lease: Only One with Black/Brown Color Combo

Let’s take a break from politics and focus on this impressive 2018 Cadillac ATS-V in black. It may be difficult to set aside political discussions, but this luxury car demands attention. Sporting 464 horsepower and rear-wheel drive, it is a formidable sports sedan that can keep up with the likes of the BMW M3. And let’s not forget how striking it looks in this particular color scheme: sleek black exterior paired with rich brown leather interior. Interestingly enough, this very car was initially selected by none other than current President Joe Biden back in 2017. Now, it’s being auctioned off at Cars & Bids.

As per records attached to the advertisement, Biden made a trip to Delaware Cadillac in Wilmington during his tenure as U.S. Vice President in 2017, with an interest in acquiring an ATS-V model. Other documents included in the auction reveal that he had altered his safety protocols in order to be able to use the said car for public transportation. This ultimately resulted in his acquisition of the ATS-V displayed in this listing, with a significant portion of its 15,894-mile mileage recorded during his possession until 2020. However, it should be noted that this was not a case of ownership but rather a leased vehicle.

Although the association with the presidency may be its most notable feature, this vehicle has other unique qualities as well. Biden expressed a preference for a Raven Black ATS-V with Kona Brown leather interior, but this combination was not offered by Cadillac for their highest ATS trim level. As further evidence revealed in the auction listing, being a prominent political figure in the United States has its privileges. A thorough review of corporate emails reveals that influential connections were utilized to fulfill Biden’s request, resulting in the creation of this exclusive ATS-V.

Regarding the bronze rims, they were sourced from a CT4-V Blackwing and installed by Delaware Cadillac following the vehicle’s return. The advertisement also mentions minor touch-ups done to the body, which were described as paint touch-ups to address slight scuffs by the vendor, Delaware Cadillac. In addition, the ATS-V boasts a Renick Performance front grille and rear bumper trim, tinted windows, and suede accents on the steering wheel and shifter.

In terms of choices, it boasts Cadillac’s Luxury Package and the Safety & Security package. However, the latter does not offer bulletproof doors, but it does come with a heads-up display as well as other features. The transmission is operated by an eight-speed automatic.

Could the unique presidential background of this ATS-V spark a fierce bidding war? At a recent auction, we witnessed Donald Trump’s previous Lamborghini Diablo VT go for a staggering $1 million. While the ATS-V may not boast a powerful Italian V12 engine, it still has a strong following among performance enthusiasts. With six days left to bid, the current price is already at $29,046. What do you think the final selling price will be?

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