GM Chevette Bolt Owners Get $1,400-Unhappiness Follows

Taking Money Isn’t Simple

General Motors is presenting particular proprietors of the 2020-2022 Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle with a payment of $1,400; however, there is a snag.

Initial news reports by Electrek suggested that General Motors was proposing a unique offer to Bolt owners in anticipation of prospective class action proceedings. To be eligible, vehicles must be equipped with diagnostic software created by GM which shall be used to examine the battery packs and decide if a replacement is necessary.

A recall was initiated for the General Motors Bolt electric vehicle, as it was discovered that the LG-produced battery packs were faulted and possibly had the hazard of setting the car alight. The manufacture ended the production until a resolution could be determined, with an assurance given to use another battery in affected cars.

Chevrolet crafted an alternative solution for models in the 2020 – 2022 timeline — whereby they would fit the automobiles with software, instead of swapping out battery packs.

The usage of the technology is what is significant here. Depending on how they drive, it might take a while for the programme to confirm whether or not the battery has to be replaced. The reports indicate that approximately 6,200 miles of data is necessary in order for it to reach a conclusion. While the process is underway, customers are limited to charging their autos up to 80% power, and this may be an inconvenience if travelling long distances.

Earlier in the year, GM stated that a special software would be used to alert drivers of potential battery problems via the onboard Driver Information Center. This news may leave many clients feeling frustrated; particularly as they were promised a completely new battery pack when they bought their vehicles.

There exists a possibility that the battery could be working correctly; however, there is also an opportunity for the software to detect a problem with a vehicle. This potential hitch may postpone any maintenance, resulting in shoppers experiencing additional aggravation.

Chevrolet is cognizant of the implications of this, thus they have rolled out a new incentive. According to Electrek, a GM representative declared that the organization is “announcing a compensation program for 2020-22 Bolt EV/EUV owners upon installation of the final advanced diagnostic software as part of the original battery recall.”

The company has stated that “owners are eligible to receive a $1,400 Visa eReward card upon installation. This applies to Bolt EV/EUV owners in the US only. We’re grateful to our customers for their patience and understanding.” As an added bonus, those who have already installed their Bolt EV/EUV vehicle are also eligible to receive the $1,400 Visa eReward card. This offer is exclusive to Bolt EV/EUV owners in the US, and the company is thankful for their understanding and patience.

Many proprietors may not be content with this agreement that GM has structured. This payment is only valid if the software is installed prior to December 31st of 2023 and customers will furthermore need to authorize a lawful agreement relative to taking the payment. In the event that Bolt owners decide against opting in, then what?

In that occurrence, clients will be obliged to bide their time until the class action is resolved, however, they may end up pernickety driving around with possibly malfunctioning batteries.

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