GM Launches Ultium Home Products For All

GM Unveils At-Home Energy Solution – No EV Needed

General Motors (GM) has unveiled three Ultium Home bundles designed to take advantage of the vehicle-to-home (V2H) two-way charging feature that their applicable EVs like the Chevrolet Silverado offer.

By using Ultium Home from GM Energy, customers can access V2H bidirectional charging, stationary storage, and energy management services comparable to Tesla’s Powerwall assortment. There are three distinct bundle deal options provided by the company: V2H Bundle, Energy System Bundle, and the Energy Storage Bundle.

Our interest was sparked by the Energy Storage Bundle, providing clients with an additional energy source for their household even if they don’t possess an electric car. This involves GM’s PowerBank which serves its purpose similarly to mobile phone power banks and is presented in two types; 5kW/10.6 kWh and 7 kW/17.7 kWh.

The energy stored in the PowerBank can be drawn upon if electricity from the grid is unavailable, much like a contemporary generator set. The device also incorporates an inverter and a house hub that optimizes energy distribution in the event of a power outage from the utility supply.

The V2H Bundle helps enable holders of compatible GM EVs to take advantage of the V2H two-way charging innovation. To achieve this, it comes with the V2H Enablement Kit, which consists of an inverter, a base station at home and a dark beginning battery. GM expressed that the apparatus securely separates the home from the electricity network while supplying up to 9.6 kW in discharging capacity.

This pack also includes GM’s PowerShift Charger, which offers up to a 19.2 kW AC power charging rate, conforming to the American carmaker’s program of amplifying EV charging availability.

Meanwhile, Ultium Home’s Energy System Package is designed to provide V2H capability by incorporating a PowerBank stationary storage component. GM’s PowerBank stationary storage can likewise be connected to the V2H Enablement Kit to expand backup capability when utility power from the grid stalls.

GM is likewise providing the capability to link their Ultium Home appliances with solar energy, akin to Hyundai’s Home concept. SunPower will take care of the installation of the solar panels as they are the exclusive solar provider for GM Energy.

Each Ultium Home item or aggregation will be interfaced with the GM Energy Cloud, a digital programming stage that permits buyers to control vitality exchange distantly. The US vehicle creator has not yet uncovered the valuing and accessibility of the Ultium Home items.

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