HD Camping Trailer: Solar Power to Rival Homes

Off-Grid Traveling: Comfort in an HD Trailer
Epic Living Vehicle HD30: The Future Unleashed!

Living Vehicle has just presented its all-latest design, the 2024 HD. Built with the goal of offering an 100% off-grid experience, it is equipped with an abundance of solar energy. The Living Vehicle brags that the HD is the market’s most potent, sun-centred, electric luxury travel caravan.

The HD PRO offers an impressive 72 kWh of energy storage and 18 kW of power, enabling it to operate all onboard utilities, such as heating and cooling, completely independent of grid sources. This gives users the freedom to explore further afield without compromising on comfort and convenience. Additionally, the Living Vehicle boasts up to 6 kW of wall-to-wall solar panels, making it one of the most solar-powered RV’s available.

The Living Vehicle HD is crafted to endure even the most rugged landscapes, boasting a fully insulated strong closed-cell foam layer that maintains inside temperatures in conditions that can soar to 120°F and higher. Furthermore, the firm guarantees revelers won’t have to fret about low-temperature conditions, as their invention is the first on the market to showcase a two-zone mini-split 240V electric heating system capable of performing at below-freezing levels.

The HD line is a specially-crafted collection with a variety of bedroom layouts for up to eight individuals. Its distinguished suites offer over one-hundred-fifty square feet of storing space as well as a half-dozen-foot tall closet, plus a zero-gravity living room accompanied by a 4K house cinema set.

“The HD is equipped with a mobile office, featuring an 80-inch dual workstation and folding bed system, as well as a fully-customizable ‘creative studio’ with high-end Mac and Apple products. To top it off, the vehicle also has a Starlink Flat Satellite dish that ensures a reliable Wi-Fi connection.”

The HD series is wholeheartedly dedicated for the year 2023, and their manufacturing process is starting up, with distributions beginning in 2024 at a base price of $459,995. For those who wish to explore more while having necessary provisions, Living Vehicle will soon be releasing a 24-foot LT model capable of comfortable sleeping accommodation for two to four people, priced at $359,995.

Source: Living Vehicle

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