Barbie ’56 Corvette in Forza Horizon 5

Drive Ken’s Custom Hummer EV.

Forza has just recently incorporated two uncommon vehicles to their Horizon 5 set-up. To honour the upcoming live-action Barbie picture, the Horizon Festival has benevolently given all gamers both a stimulating and jaunty duo of cars from the movie. Gamers can presently redeem Barbie’s 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV and Ken’s 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup.

These vehicles are absolutely free of charge, and players simply have to head to the Message Center in order to grab them. One of these rides is the renowned Barbie Corvette Convertible, a vehicle that has been recently revamped and now utilises electric propulsion for increased performance on Mexico roads. Sporting a lavish pink colouring, this ‘Vette is simply the perfect car for everyone!.

Having a loose rear suspension enables you to pull off spectacular tailslides and smoky drifts. If this don’t meet your criteria, gamers should be delighted to know that Horizon 5 includes an extensive selection of Corvette automobiles, such as the iconic ’53 Corvette and the ’60 Corvette.

The Corvette is indisputably more exciting to behold than the Hummer, which appears slightly sluggish. The hefty electric pickup truck is painted in shining silver with blue and violet electrifying drawings lining the exterior of the auto. Fortunately, this is alterable and if you require to harmonize the shade of the Hummer with the Corvette, it can be done in the paint store.

Last month, Forza added the standard Hummer EV Pickup to the game as part of the “Explore the Horizon” series update. This new series also brought in the 1986 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat, the 1972 Chevrolet K-10 Custom, and the 2019 DeBerti Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat ‘Transformer.’ With the addition of these four vehicles, players can now explore the world of Forza in style.

Horizon 5 is facilitating an exhilarating competition based on the legendary Barbie universe. Capture a truly unique image or construct an EventLab, post your Barbie-related material on Twitter/Instagram before July 14th, use the hashtag #FH5BarbieMovie and you could be awarded with a Barbie collection set.

Barbie will be released on July 21st. Margot Robbie shines in the title role, with Ryan Gosling as her blond companion.

We never expected to witness this FH5 X Barbie partnership, however, we are happy to note that the racing game has not become too serious. Perhaps this will accord Horizon 5 a much broader lure, bringing in gamers who pitilessly would not contemplate the title.

It’s great to see Forza adding even more cars to the game. Last year, many gamers were disappointed that only a few new vehicles were added. But this year, the developers have really gone all-out. Recently, the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series was added. Previous updates include the “High Performance” series, which featured the Huracan STO and Audi RS6 Avant, as well as the “Midnight at Horizon” update, which included the Rimac Nevera, Lexus LC Coupe, and a pair of Cadillac Blackwings.

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