Going All-Electric: The World’s Smallest State

The Pope Wants Greener Fleet Initiatives

The Vatican is making a bold move forward into a greener future by signing an agreement with Volkswagen. In accordance with the pact, Volkswagen will supplant the Holy See’s entire car array with electric-driven cars by 2030, all in the effort to shrink its carbon footprint.

The agreement is in line with the “Ecological Conversion 2030” plan set forth by the Vatican, which covers sustainable and carbon-neutral projects and technologies within the city-state. Pope Francis has made environmental protection a key part of his papacy, and is now encouraging greener initiatives. He will be the very first Pope to speak at a UN climate conference when he addresses the upcoming COP28 meeting in Dubai, imploring for action before the planet is beyond saving.

No monetary information is known about the accord. The Vatican has expressed that its contract with Volkswagen will encompass mid- and long-term lease agreements. No definite automobiles have been stated, yet we can discountenance the utilization of newer electric car models such as the Volkswagen ID.4 – Fans may get a glance at more sizeable EVs being manipulated, such as the ID.7 wagon, possibly even for hearses.

The city-state is planning to assemble an array of charging facilities driven by renewable power resources within its region to help the impending EV fleet. As a means of furthering the endeavor to progress away from traditional fuels, employees who reside in the state will also have access to these stations for private vehicles.

Although the Volkswagen Group’s transition to electric vehicles will be a gradual process, it is yet to be determined if the Pope will be provided with a new “popemobile” as part of the agreement. Nevertheless, Pope Francis has plenty of offers from other car manufacturers, including Fisker with its tailored Ocean model. He also has a Toyota Mirai popemobile. Despite the availability of these alternatives, the Supreme Pontiff still prefers his Ford Focus and Fiat 500 over the bulletproof limousines his predecessor used. In the future, VW may provide the Pope with an affordable electric vehicle, something the German automaker is targeting to launch in the second half of this decade.

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