GRMN Supra Hot Rod: A Visual Preview

Engine Upgrade: 500 Horsepower

Toyota is on the brink of unleashing a quicker, stronger Supra GRMN. Even though specific details regarding the powertrain stay unknown, the recent spy shots and videos failed to conceal the visual modifications headed for the high-performance coupe.

A brand-new rendering unveils that which little semblance of disguise the Supra has been made to don, representing a potential preview of the vehicle’s renewed aesthetic. It is replete with a unique front spoiler lip and bumper canards, as well a modified rear wing. It could be anticipated that Toyota might also have adjusted the styling of the anterior bumper.

The exterior of the vehicle unveils unique wheels, as previously observed in spy images that had uncovered Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Additionally, the brakes on the Supra will be reinforced, with red brake calipers covertly tucked away by the anticipatively agility rims.

The patina of the outside may not be drastic, however we expect more substantial refinements from inside. Reports suggest that the Supra GMNR possibly contains a BMW M motor, particularly the S58.

The twin-turbo 3.0-liter six-cylinder motor generates 473 horsepower in the standard M4 and 503 horses for the M4 Competition. The M4 CSL produces 543 hp and 479 pound-feet of torque, however we don’t believe that the all-new Supra GRMN will produce such a strong output. Anything in the vicinity of 450 to 500 hp is more foreseeable.

The entry-level Toyota Supra has BMW’s 2.0L B48 engine at the ready, while a larger, 382-hp 3.0L B58 is an alternative offering. A manual transmission is offered with this model, however, do not anticipate a GRMN variant having the engine S58 if it does get released. The M4 Competition and M4 CSL are solely automatic, although Toyota may surprise us all.

The visual does not represent the inside of the Supra, but we anticipate few minor tweaks. The car can probably feature more dynamic seating, and likely features a good number of GRMN branding elements.

Come 2024, the new Supra will be situated at the peak of the car’s lineup, thus priced above the $58,745 GR Supra 3.0 Premium. Additionally, a special 45th Anniversary Edition has been set at an even more expensive rate of $65,470. The possible inclusion of a brand-new engine could, understandably, result in a significant escalation in the car’s cost. Even though Toyota have yet to release specifics about the automobile’s unveiling, all will be revealed soon, so watch this space!

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