GTA VI Trailer: Guns, Gators & Grand Theft Auto

New Game in 2025: Fans Must Wait 10 Years
Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

Grand Theft Auto V was released to the world when Barack Obama was serving his second term and the C6 Corvette 427 was the most popular sports car. Even though Rockstar Games had provided updates and additional content since its initial launch in 2013, people have started to feel that the franchise is somewhat outmoded. Fortunately, a refreshed version of Grand Theft Auto – Grand Theft Auto VI – is on the horizon with sharper graphics and an increased quantity of action.

The spotlight shined in a glamorous trailer, letting the world know about the fresh game coming in. Its location? Vice City, which any eager fan of Grand Theft Auto Third Edition (GTA3) will recognize right away! But this latest chapter in the story takes place in current times, complete with the different kinds of trouble to deal with nowadays like street struggles and four-wheeled vehicle invasions.

The narrative centers around Lucia, newly sprung from imprisonment during the initial stages of the game. As the inaugural female character to take on the protagonist role, it appears that a kind of “Bonnie and Clyde” situation is in store as Lucia endeavors to evade the authorities and avoid going back to prison.

Expect Grand Theft Auto’s latest version to present a plentiful array of backstories and characters. Additionally, it looks probable that appropriated TikTok and Citizen-style neighborhood apps will be making an appearance; these versions may act as narrative aids, providing the gamer with context and additional information. Consequently, this entrant in the series looks set to proffer an immense open-world environment; from the golden sands of what appears to be a Vice City reincarnation to nearby swamps and mobile home areas, complete with alligators in the pipes— GTA VI certainly seems likely to offer up plenty of room to explore.

Sadly, those who have been hoping for the next release of Grand Theft Auto to arrive shortly, will have to delay their expectations; the new game won’t be available until 2025 if the trailer is anything to go by.

Source: Rockstar Games via YouTube

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