Never Hitch A Trailer Again: Ford AI System

New F-Series Trucks Now Featuring System

For those often towing, few feelings are as frustrating as the difficulty in hitching a trailer. This is exactly why Ford’s all-new Pro Trailer Hitch Assist comes as such a blessing for anyone who seeks an escape for the weekend. The system debuted on F-150 Lightning last year and has since been made available on all new F-150s and other F-series trucks. It utilizes AI machine learning to effortlessly connect a truck to its trailer without input from the driver.

Since the invention was detected nearly two years back, the Ford squad has labored to achieve a aggregate of sixty patents for the world’s first scheme which can control the speed, steering, and braking of the truck to ensure the trailer hitch ball is correctly below the trailer coupling on the initial try.

“Pro Trailer Hitch Assist is a savvy way to save our customers time and effort. Rather than wrestle with a trailer or require a spotter, customers can now hook up with more assurance and get going to the lake or job site,” said John Emmert, Ford Truck general manager.

How to Use Dynamic Hitch Assist and Pro Trailer Hitch Assist | A Ford Towing Video | Ford

The ease of the system is remarkable, necessitating only for the operator to press and keep a switch down, as they observe on the dashboard display how the lorry steers itself through the coupling. This fantastic technology can detect a trailer or coupler even up to 20 feet away, then chooses the most suitable method to successfully guide the automobile into position.

The aim of this system is to spare the driver effort and aggravation, which can be especially important for those who undertake towing activities on a regular basis. Ford gathered an extensive amount of info to devise the system; they included examinations of trailers of all sizes through diverse land conditions and varying weather situations. Over time and through its use, Ford anticipates refining the system and updating motorists’ vehicles supported by Ford Power-Up software upgrades.

The system is joining a plethora of other driving and towing systems presented in F-Series trucks, such like Pro Trailer Backup Assist and Onboard Scales, with the intention of making trailering a cinch for all. With the inclusion of Trailer Hitch Assist, Ford provides more than what its competitors can offer, effortlessly putting them ahead of the competition with unmatched revolutionary technology.

When speaking about AI, the majority of attention is focused on automated driving. GM has a clear lead in this area due to their Super Cruise system, which even affords hands-free travel with a trailer in specific circumstances. However, Ford is quickly catching up, and through the introduction of their Latitude AI business branch, they could soon be offering an equal, if not more impressive BlueCruise feature for the most sold car in America.

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