Gullwing E-Class: The 1989 Boschert B300

Rise of a 300 CE Gem: Hartmut Boschert’s Story

A remarkable 1989 Boschert B300 is about to be auctioned off at an imminent RM Sotheby’s event in Munich. What makes it so special is that this is the solitary Boschert B300 possessed with gullwing doors, positioning it somewhere between the E-Class Coupe (more precisely, the C124-gen 300 CE) from which it originated and a Mercedes SL.

When auctioning off takes place on the twenty-fifth of November, prognostication is that it will procure between two hundred and sixty-five thousand to three hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

If acquiring the Boschert B300 ‘Gullwing’ appears to be an abundant undertaking, you must understand that it is, in reality, not so. This vehicle is a truly extraordinary bit of engineering.

Previous to the brilliance of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, stirrings of enthusiasm and explorations of customization by tuners were already in full swing. Specifically focusing on pulling off a truly remarkable reincarnated version of the classic Gullwing design, Styling-Garage of Germany rose to the challenge near the start of the 80’s with their 500SGS Gullwing product built from the C126 platform. Later on, Hartmut Boschert followed suit, creating his own version of the same concept via the B300 derivative of the C124.

Boschert’s amazing adaptation of the gullwing phenomenon brought an extreme overhaul to the Mercedes-Benz 300 CE. His modifications saw the front end being taken from its R129-era SL forefather and then he went ahead to make major structural changes. For instance, the C-pillar was shifted 10 inches forward and the sills reinforced so as to be able to support the massive 5.5 ft-wide gullwing doors that provided access to both the front and backseats. Additionally, the front seats were pilfered from the R129 SL. Under the hood lay a pair of turbochargers that gave the 3.0-Liter inline-six a 283 hp push of energy in replacement of its original 217 hp.

The grand unveiling of the B300 occurred at the 1989 Frankfurt International Motor Show (currently held in Munich since 2021), which astounded viewers and gave rise to envy due to its exorbitant cost of DEM 186,000 (around $95,000). Initially, Boschert planned on producing 300 units; however, only a modest number ended up being made, with this piece being the lone one to feature those captivating gullwing doors.

Beginning its life as a coupe ensconced in Astral Silver over a black interior, this car underwent a stylish makeover in 1990, debuting in Bornite hue with a two-tone purple leather cabin. Since being acquired in 2005 by the current proprietor, it has been lavished with attention. Furthermore, this B300 is endowed with an array of accessories, ranging from a woody wheel to an in-car phone, plus original sale literature and even VHS tapes.

Looking ahead to 2023, the B300 was generously given $17,000 worth of restoration at CarSystems and an additional $5,000 allocated for painting, fabrics, and other interior upgrades from Auto Leder Toczek. Far more than just a vehicle at this point, it is an exquisite piece of artistry that will definitely go for a hefty amount when it hits the market next month.

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