Harman Unveils Groundbreaking Tech and Safety Innovations at CES 2024

Harman introduces innovative features for OEMs – enhancing security and entertainment options.

At the CES 2024 event, Harman, a tech company under the ownership of Samsung, unveiled a range of fresh features for use in vehicles. These advancements offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a convenient way to incorporate additional functions and capabilities into their products. Harman’s newest developments span from safety measures to entertainment systems, covering nearly every aspect of in-car technology.

Crafted to ensure the driver’s focus on the road, Ready Vision promotes a more secure drive by projecting pertinent information onto the bottom portion of the windshield. This allows drivers to quickly glance at their speed and other critical data without diverting their attention from the road ahead.

The QVUE from Ready Vision is equipped with a budget-friendly HDR-enabled reflective screen that provides an impressive visual output. Through the Harman Ignite Store, clients can install additional applications to keep track of their electric vehicle’s charging status or stay informed about the current weather conditions. Owners of electric vehicles also have access to turn-by-turn directions for locating charging stations. Furthermore, individuals behind the wheel can conveniently order food through Ready Vision and easily retrieve it from restaurants.

Original: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have the option to select from a variety of screen sizes, ranging from instrument clusters to full windshield coverage. Powered by augmented reality software, this system aids in keeping drivers vigilant through features such as hazard detection, 3D navigation, and real-time traffic visuals.Revised: There are various display sizes available for OEMs to choose from, including options that cover the entire windshield and smaller instrument cluster screens. These displays utilize artificial intelligence in the form of augmented reality software, which assists in keeping drivers attentive by providing features like hazard identification, 3D navigation, and live traffic updates.

The Ready Upgrade systems allow manufacturers to quickly incorporate entertainment upgrades into their vehicles within a span of six months. These cutting-edge domain controllers offer future-proof technology, available in two models designed for varying vehicle segments. The Pre-Certified IP69 Base Domain Controllers cater specifically to adventure vehicles and utility SUVs, such as the Ineos Grenadier.

The Ready Upgrade Base merges the infotainment system and cluster into a spacious eight-inch display. The Advanced Domain Controllers were created specifically for high-end automobiles, catering to luxury brands that desire additional safety features and in-car displays. Similar to the QVUE, it also supports the use of third-party applications.

Hailed as an unprecedented advancement in cabin monitoring technology, Ready Care is a revolutionary product that monitors the driver’s cognitive and visual load. This cutting-edge system is designed to detect any possible distractions or signs of fatigue, and offers interventions to enhance safety as a solution. The impressive measurement of both visual and mental cognitive load utilizes sophisticated elements such as AI, neuroscience, and machine learning to accurately assess a driver’s actions.

Additional functions include Driver Action Monitor, which tracks the presence of the driver’s hands on the wheel or involvement in other tasks such as smoking, consuming food, or utilizing their mobile device. The Life Existence Recognition technology is vital as it can differentiate between the presence of a child and an adult inside the vehicle. This is crucial, as proper settings of safety mechanisms like airbags and seat belts are needed for optimal functioning. It will be intriguing to observe if this feature can also be modified to identify unattended children in a stationary car, comparable to the development currently in progress by Toyota.

The Ready Display could easily pass for a component straight from a Mercedes EQS, however it boasts sleek design and exceptional functionality. Powered by Samsung Neo QLED, the display offers superb image quality. Manufacturers will be delighted to discover that this cost-effective solution delivers impressive results.

There are multiple options (NQ3, NQ5, and NQ7) available for selection, with the biggest size extending over the entire dashboard. The Ready Display utilizes software-controlled Active Privacy to prevent the driver from viewing the passenger screen, ensuring that it remains hidden.

A driver surveillance camera system positioned below the display (possibly known as the Ready Alert Driver Activity Sensor) is situated under the screen surface.

Harman’s newest 5G telematics control unit, Ready Connect, is designed to provide OEMs with enhanced product scalability and upgradability, as well as improved in-vehicle-connected mobility experiences. According to the company, this technology is “future-proof,” allowing manufacturers to easily upgrade from 4G to 5G through a highly scalable software architecture.

Ready Connect, in collaboration with Traffic Technology Services, enables the presentation of updated traffic data, such as knowledge of traffic signals, without relying on sensors installed in vehicles or along roads.

Finally, there is SeatSonic, a revolutionary concept in car audio systems. Instead of using conventional locations such as doors, dashboards, and footwells for speakers, SeatSonic offers a unique way to provide passengers with a customized listening experience.

Every traveler enjoys the advantage of a personalized sound system that provides an exceptional auditory experience. While numerous producers have incorporated speakers into the headrests, seats do not typically function as audio systems. By liberating some room in different areas of the cabin, designers can increase storage capacity or utilize the previously occupied spaces for other purposes.

SeatSonic is available as a stand-alone offering, or it can be packaged with other features such as SeatSonic Plus and SeatSonic Max. Harman, in collaboration with Adient, a top name in the realm of automotive seat innovation, is dedicated to producing these distinctive experiences for upcoming vehicles.


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