Honda Recalls 1.2M Vehicles: Unnecessary Feature

Honda: Recall Notification July 24

Earlier in 2020, Honda instigated a recall concerning the Odyssey, Passport, and Pilot models due to their side mirrors that could become loose. And now, the three unfortunate vehicles have had to suffer another reprieve regarding a characteristic which car owners could happily do without.

In the NHTSA’s mandatory safety recall, Honda has taken back nearly 1.2 million cars due to an issue concerning their rearview camera. While this system can assist drivers when reversing, motorists mustn’t count exclusively on such technologies, especially due to malfunctions like this.

The Japanese car manufacturer declared that US-made Odyssey minivan versions ranging from 2018 through 2023 are potential victims. Also, the organization’s entries to the crossover area, the 2021 to 2022 Pilot plus the 2019 to 2023 Passport, have been included in the recall.

A safety survey has revealed that the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) coaxial cable is inadequately engineered and manufactured. This imperfection leads to a loss of, or a badly weakened connection, between the vehicular cable connector and the audio display unit.

Furthermore, the rearview camera will be rendered ineffectual if the MOST system is absent for a span of more than 20 seconds. If this vital malfunction occurs, drivers may hear repeatedly popping or cracking noises and view the audio screen flicker unsteadily.

Without the presence of a rearview camera, drivers are at heightened danger of being involved in an accident or suffering from injury. In addition to this, such technology is always limited in terms of its view and does not provide adequate coverage of traffic from adjacent directions.

In February 2019, Honda was apprised of an assessment detailing sound and visuals flickering issues. A waterproof joint assembly became mandatory from 11th February 2021 so as to address the issue. Indeed, by June 8 this year, the vehicle producer executed a safety and non-compliance call-back.

Honda documented over a quarter of million warranty requests connected to the backup camera malfunction ranging from May 2017 to June 2023. Fortunately, no physical harm or fatalities have been linked to this issue.

Beginning on July 24th, 2023, proprietors will be notified of a recall. This notification will remain active up to and including August 2nd.

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