Honda Reveals EV Design Inspired by Cybertruck

CES: Get Ready for It!

Honda has recently given us a glimpse of what’s to come with the unveiling of a new electric vehicle concept, set to debut at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on January 9, 2024. While no specifics were revealed about the car, it is said to be part of the “global Honda electric vehicle series.” It is yet to be determined if the car will be available in the United States, but the teaser image suggests that this concept is still in its early stages.

At first glance, the concept appears to be a bizarre form; almost reminiscent of the new Tesla Cybertruck. It presents an edgy disposition with pointed out lines meeting at a triangular nose section that inexplicably holds just one headlight bar at the apex. We find it hard to believe such a unique shape will ever enter production, yet the American-made electric pickup truck recently passed through all rigors of auto safety tests. Seemingly, anything is possible.

Honda has unveiled a concept that will illustrate its transition to electrification. The company also plans to showcase “several key technologies” to demonstrate this shift. In the next decade, Honda aims to launch 30 electric vehicles globally, with a goal of selling two million units. By 2040, the Japanese brand wants to achieve a 100% zero-emissions status in North America.

Honda hasn’t gotten to where they want to be just yet; their earliest EV for North America, the Honda Prologue, is scheduled to become available in the following year. Impressively, the Prologue has its origins in GM’s Ultium platform, propelling the Chevrolet Blazer EV, however Honda has recently decided to break ties with GM and manufacture more affordable models. If this idea makes it into production, it would almost certainly incorporate a Honda-manufactured platform.

Honda have recently showcased a few impressive concepts of electric vehicles (EVs), so of course, we are eager to learn more about the big CES unveiling – including the car’s name! The Japanese producer has astounded us with some recent amazing introductions, for instance, the renewed Prelude that sent an optimistic vibe among Honda admirers regarding the possible forthcoming of sporty cars. It’s likely a selection of those electric powered items may be included at the CES stand from Honda, coupled with a chance to attempt the Motocompacto, a tiny foldable electric scooter resembling a suitcase.

The press conference will bring forth talks from Global CEO Toshihiro Mibe and Global EVP Shinji Aoyama, so it’s plainly clear that this is a noteworthy disclosure to tune in for.

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