Honda Slams Shallow Aesthetics of Chinese Electric Cars

Spark up interest with our bold new electric vehicle design.

Over time, Chinese cars have shed their reputation as a joke in the automotive world. The quality has significantly advanced in recent times, and so have the designs. It has been a long journey for them to move away from imitating international models and create something original. However, Honda believes there is still further progress to be made.

During a recent interview with Automotive News Europe, Honda’s e-mobility design division creative director and general manager, Daisuke Tsutamori, did not hold back. When discussing electric sedans, Tsutamori stated, “In China, you have seen a lot of further refinement of that kind of styling. But it is very superficial. Refined but superficial.” However, he also shared that Honda aimed to create something that was “simpler, more essential” in their own design approach.

During a recent interview, Tsutamori mentioned a striking electric vehicle that was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The concept, which is shaped like a wedge, has been given the rather unoriginal name “Saloon” and is expected to go into production in North America in 2026. According to Tsutamori, the car showcased at CES in Las Vegas has a definite “wow factor” thanks to its sleek design.

In an interview with Autocar, designer Toshinobu Minami announced that despite being a mere concept, the upcoming production version will maintain approximately 90 percent of its original styling. While the iconic gullwing doors may not make the final cut, it is likely that the front screen will remain unchanged.

You may find the Honda Saloon to be somewhat familiar, as it shares a resembling silhouette with the Kiwami. However, despite this visual similarity, the two concepts are not connected, as the Kiwami is over two decades old and was first revealed at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show. In fact, Tsutamori has admitted that the renowned designer Marcello Gandini served as a source of inspiration for this new model. Gandini, who hails from Turin, Italy, is responsible for one of the most stunning cars of all time – the timeless Lamborghini Miura. He has also designed other iconic vehicles such as the Countach, Diablo, and Lancia Stratos, as well as more affordable options like the BMW 5 Series (E12), Fiat X1/9, and the original Volkswagen Polo.

When discussing the renowned designer Marcello Gandini, Tsutamori shared with ANE his deep admiration and respect, stating, “I love and respect him, but we also wanted to incorporate Honda’s values in a fresh and innovative manner.” This revolutionary Saloon concept offers a glimpse into a future production model that will be built on a specialized electric platform, forming the foundation for the “0 Series” line of electric vehicles. As the flagship model, this sleek sedan is designed to offer a surprisingly roomy interior, as stated in Honda’s official press release.

The car is still without a name, but our goal is to come up with something more unique than simply “Saloon.” According to designer Toshinobu Minami, there is a possibility that it will receive a proper name instead of the unoriginal alphanumeric label given to the e:NY1 crossover. In other news, the beloved Honda e hatchback, known for its cuteness, has been discontinued by the Japanese car manufacturer.

Sources: Automotive News Europe, Autocar

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