Honda Unveils Wedge-Shaped Car

Honda Unveils Electric Vehicle at CES: Teaser Image Revealed

Honda are readying a global electric car to be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, giving us a glance at its sleek form that imitates knife-edge creases in its jutting design.

Unfortunately, Honda has not released a great deal of information regarding the new vehicle. We do not have the name of the automobile as of yet. During the CES event, the Honda Global CEO and Global EVP—Toshihiro Mibe and Shinji Aoyama respectively—will present the car, in addition to showcasing the automaker’s outlook for their forthcoming array of global electric vehicles.

The illuminated image shown here supplies substantially more explanations than the earliest rendition of the shot, put forward by Honda. We are now able to catch sight of the wheel house plus a flash of presumably the sideview reflector. The vanguard has a startlingly sharpened edge yet leads into an even front bumper featuring a pointed lip. There appears to be overlapping rays comprised within the rim configuration.

No matter the nomenclature Honda employs, this car is drastically distinct than the other electric rides we know the marque is crafting. The brand’s Prologue crossover, for example, has a look that could just as well embrace a combustion engine yet is in fact electrical. Moreover, electric SUVs headed to China possess a rather orthodox visage.

In 2022, Honda provided a sneak peek at an array of future electric vehicles, some with a sporty appearance. Purely by looking at the contours of the vehicle, we can suggest that this could possibly be a powerful model. Currently, the car manufacturer has no electro-driven competitor in this field.

Honda has established a goal to offer 30 EV models on an international level by 2030, also aiming for two million sales each year during the same timeframe. As comparison, Tesla had accumulated 1.31 million sales globally in 2022. Furthermore, the Japanese carmaker has determined that all vehicles offered in America will be either electric powered or using fuel-cells by 2040.

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