Hybrid BMW M5 Crushing Nurburgring in Spy Video

Debuting in 2021

A recent spy clip has captured footage of the upcoming rendition of BMW’s M5 at the prestigious Nürburgring race track. Unsurprisingly, it is not the Touring wagon variant that German automaker made known to us last year from this spot; but rather, the sedan is being put through its paces – despite being still shrouded in a concealing wrapping.

The camouflage is still sheltering the M5’s new look, which seems more of an evolution than a revolution in terms of its basic design. In spite of other models displaying massive kidney grilles, this particular model will hold to the more conservative style that was featured in its more recent version. Nonetheless the interior will receive an update and this coy attitude won’t be part of it.

We had the chance to get our initial glimpse of the M5’s interior last year, with spy shots showcasing its jammed cabin and low-profile steering wheel. A broad and rounded display that holds the electronic cluster of gauges and infotainment system will occupy the dashboard. Moreover, it is expected to work with BMW’s iDrive8 suite, providing the car with up-to-date connectivity functions. Besides, the center console would receive a new design, with a modernistic gear shifter.

The aesthetic and the luxuries of a vehicle matter, yet what truly distinguishes the M5 is its powertrain. With the latest generation arriving as a plug-in hybrid electric car, it will take its engine configuration from the BMW XM, enabling up to 738 horsepower in the Red trim XM Label.

The inclusion of an electric motor and updated lithium-ion battery should bring along a boost in power and increased performance; however, this additional mechanism could cause the automobile’s weight to rise. Nevertheless, with the integration of the plug-in system, it is believed that the XM will be capable of producing a terrific 700 hp – significantly higher than the 617 hp presented with the M5 Competition, and should help propel the extra mass down the road or track. For reference, the regular XM is rated at 644 hp. At its core, the M5 will be outfitted with BMW’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine.

The imminent BMW M5 won’t be coming to the market in the near future. However, the German producer is modifying the whole 5 Series lineup, which means that we’ll observe the customary variants and the electric i5 before the superior M5 appears, probably not earlier than 2024. Additionally, BMW is crafting a BMW M5 Touring that may hit the U.S. markets as the response to the Audi RS6 Avant and the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate. An opportunity like this shouldn’t be ignored!

Source: Carspotter Jeroen / YouTube

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