Hyundai Mufasa: Attitude-Packed Tucson Off-Roader

China-Only Model: Not Many Features Retained

Hyundai has just introduced an innovative SUV called the Mufasa Adventure in China. The Mufasa will make its public premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show within the next month, and then be made accessible for purchase in China before the conclusion of 2020. This model is based on the Tucson and has been launched to take over from the IX35 in the Chinese market.

This toughly fashioned vehicle owns the same moniker made famous by Disney’s The Lion King and draws inspiration from the Palisade as well as the Kia Sportage. Nevertheless, while these off-road oriented enhancements likely won’t survive until the product is released, we must concede that it looks more attractive here than similar undertakings in times gone by.

The vehicle includes off-road wheels and tires with a wider stance plus a lift. Additionally, fender flares, side skirts, and front and back bumpers outfit the body boasting the car for taking off onto the trails.

Tow hooks at both the front and back, rock sliders, handles above the hood, and a stylish light bar fitted on top complete the package. The appearance is unified and the idea of a rugged Hyundai designed for the American market cannot help but come to mind.

It is only a thought though, and as we’ve previously articulated, most of these enhancements aren’t expected to make it since the manufacturing Mufasa is anticipated to be a mundane crossover. Not many inner views were disclosed, yet we expect it will be the similar requirement with five positions and visuals like what we’re acquainted with at present.

The might of this vehicle is harnessed from its 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine which generates the rather mediocre 158bhp and likely a hybrid alternative should be available soon.

That being stated, the Tucson that is offered up in the US definitely has a lot of pluses to it. Especially with its N-Line exterior design and hybrid powertrain range which can generate as much as 261hp. Hyundai have, in the past, entertained ideas of off-roading possibilities, yet have resisted moving into this post-trendy area. Nonetheless, they quite plausibly could churn out something along the lines of Nissan’s Rock Creek, or Ford Timberline or Kia’s X-Pro models in the foreseeable future. All in all, the US version of the Tucson offers plenty of attractivity.

It is obvious that there would be a large market for an off-roading version of the Hyundai Tuscon and Palisade models. Apparently, consumers appear to find it attractive to provide the illusion that they are more apt to outdoor settings than may actually be the case. With a small amount of modifications, namely a quarter-inch lift, specific tyres, body cladding, and eye-catching paintjobs, Hyundai will effectively achieve a substantial increase of these cars’ prices. This seems like a no-brainer decision.

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