Improved Off-Roading Capabilities in Toyota bZ4X GR Sport Surpass Land Cruiser’s Performance

Toyota’s Chief Engineer Claims bZ4X Outperforms Land Cruiser in Off-Roading Capabilities.

Toyota has officially announced that they are currently developing various versions of the bZ4X, including a GR-labeled variant that places more emphasis on off-road capabilities rather than high-speed performance on paved roads.

Masaya Uchiyama, the head engineer of the bZ4X, confirmed this information in an interview with carsales in Australia. According to Uchiyama, there are three potential versions of the bZ4X: a more affordable option, a high-performance GR hot hatch top model, and a rugged GR Sport variant for enhanced off-roading capabilities.

Out of the three options, Uchiyama has a preference for the last one. He points out the enhancements made on the Hilux GR Sport specifically sold in Australia.

Uchiyama expressed his preference for the off-road performance side, stating, “I like to go the off-road performance side.” He also mentioned the possibility of a high-performance bZ4X, saying, “It’s one option to have a high-performance bZ4X.” He further elaborated that it would likely be similar to the Hilux GR Sport, stating, “It would probably be a bZ4X GR S like [the] Hilux GR Sport.” However, he clarified that they are still in the process of studying the model life and he is unable to disclose any specific details on when or how this will be implemented.

The Hilux GR Sport, sold in several countries beyond the US, falls short of being a full-fledged off-road beast due to its limited upgrades. However, it does boast a slightly beefed-up engine, improved chassis, and other cosmetic enhancements.

The bZ4X should have no trouble gaining extra electric horsepower, as its posh counterpart, the Lexus RZ, boasts a generous 308 horsepower. An even more powerful RZ F version is in the works, demonstrating the impressive capabilities of the e-TNGA platform.

With that being said, the main focus remains on off-road improvements for the electric vehicle, something that has yet to be revealed by the Japanese car company.

On the other hand, Uchiyama is famous for his contributions to the development of the latest Toyota Land Cruiser (also referred to as the Prado 250 Series in global markets) and the Hilux. He expresses great confidence in the capabilities of the bZ4X, claiming that it surpasses the Land Cruiser in particular situations due to its immediate release of torque.

According to Uchiyama, “On a medium off-road course, you can experience a greater sense of tranquility compared to the Prado – the driving is effortless.”

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