Incredible 3D-Printed Miniature Transmission Showcases Impressive Engineering

Planetary Gearbox: Camshaft-operated automatic transmission with three gear options.

Shrinking technology doesn’t simply entail reducing its size; it involves preserving the fundamental purpose of the item while adapting it to fit its new, smaller shape. While a small manual transmission may seem impressive, it’s even more remarkable when the design aligns with the innovative technology employed in its creation. This compact three-speed manual transmission, crafted by YouTuber PolyProject3D, exemplifies this concept perfectly.

While it operates as a manual transmission, it functions similarly to an automatic one by utilizing planetary gearsets and brake bands to adjust ratios. This type of manual is different from the traditional version, but its design is highly compatible with 3D printing technology, unlike a standard manual transmission.

Mini 3Dprinted Transmission build

This gadget does not operate in isolation. It connects to another fascinating invention by PolyProject3D, a small four-cylinder engine powered by compressed air. Consequently, it features a bell housing and various design elements such as a servo motor recessed at the front, facilitating a seamless connection between the two components.

The servo is responsible for the physical shifting process, controlling a camshaft with three lobes. Adjusting the camshaft to a particular position will engage a particular shift band, causing one of the ring gears to brake. Each braked ring gear corresponds to a different gear ratio. If none of the ring gears are braked, the transmission is in neutral.

The combination of mechanical and aesthetic elements in the design is quite appealing. It not only accomplishes a task but also leverages its construction to do so. This unique balance is rarely seen and definitely deserves recognition.

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