Innovative Solution: Mitsubishi’s Affordable Home Charging System for Electrified Cars

Efficient Charging: Electric Vehicles Optimized for Lowest Electricity Prices

Mitsubishi Motors has yet to unveil its upcoming line of electric vehicles, but the company has been diligently developing a new smart charging service in Japan that aims to reduce the costs associated with charging these cars.The auto manufacturer’s latest venture involves implementing an innovative EV charging system, which is expected to significantly decrease the expenses of charging electric vehicles. While Mitsubishi has not yet announced when this service will be available, it is clear that the company is taking important steps towards making electric transportation more accessible and affordable.This new smart charging service utilizes advanced technology to optimize the charging process for electric vehicles. By analyzing data and adjusting the charging speed accordingly, the system ensures that cars are charged efficiently and at a lower cost. This will undoubtedly make owning an electric vehicle more convenient and financially feasible for drivers in Japan.Mitsubishi is committed to staying at the forefront of the electric car market and providing sustainable solutions for transportation. With this new charging service, the company continues to innovate and lead the way towards a cleaner and greener future. Keep an eye out for the release of this exciting new technology and the positive impact it will have on both consumers and the environment.

Together with MC Retail Energy and Kaluza, Mitsubishi has initiated a trial run to examine this technology. The information gathered during the POC phase will serve as a basis for further advancement of the technology.

The EV intelligent charging feature permits owners of Outlander PHEVs to schedule their vehicle’s charging times using a smartphone application linked to Kaluza’s EV charging-control system. The corporation automatically determines the most efficient charging schedules based on the designated time and hours with the lowest electricity rates.

Consumers are required to enroll in a payment scheme devised by MC Retail Energy specifically for this particular offering. There is no necessity for them to buy extra devices, as the service can be managed directly through Kaluza’s platform, using Mitsubishi Motors’ connected systems.

In February 2023, Mitsubishi Motors and Kaluza initiated a partnership to jointly develop smart-charging services. The primary objective of this joint venture is to “reduce energy costs for society as a whole and enhance the charging experience for electric vehicle (EV) users.”

To date, the Japanese car company has solely produced the Outlander PHEV as its electrified vehicle, currently a top-selling plug-in hybrid globally. Additionally, it remains the sole Mitsubishi model that has achieved triumph in the United States, making up approximately half of the brand’s sales in the country.

Mitsubishi has set its sights on the electric vehicle market, announcing the release of 16 new vehicles within the next four to five years as part of their Challenge 2025 initiative. This ambitious plan includes nine electromobiles, such as an all-electric pickup truck.

With high hopes, we anticipate that the recently launched EV intelligent charging service will fully live up to its potential and eventually be implemented in various regions globally. Considering the struggles of Mitsubishi in the US, which they are already addressing with a newly devised five- to seven-year strategy, offering affordable home charging for electric vehicles may attract both existing and potential customers.

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