Interior Decorating Tips From a Pro Car Photographer

Maximize Car Sale Value: Impress Buyers with Quality Photos

Shooting a car’s interior can be more difficult than you may think. Just like with taking exterior pictures, there are numerous variables at play when it comes to producing exceptional images of the cabin. To help you out, here is professional car photographer Kevin McCauley’s guide for capturing great photographs.

McCauley has just unveiled a comprehensive, in-depth tutorial on taking interior photos shared to his YouTube station, Capturing the Machine. Through a 15-minute video, viewers are guided through all of the things to be factored into achieving a high-standard image: Situating the car, the camera employed, your location, and of course, how to actually capture the photograph.

According to McCauley, when selecting idyllic locations for indoor car photography, direct sunlight ought to be avoided, since it often results in unwelcome levels of contrast. Additionally, any distractions surrounding the vehicle must likewise be warded off so that viewers can remain focused on the car itself, instead of whatever stands before it.

The method you use to photograph the interior of your car depends on various components, such as the number of doors, its shape, hue of the cabin, and materials used. For instance, take a convertible: You’ll likely get good shots because you can let the top down. However, if it’s a saloon or sedan, then taking a tasteful picture of the steering wheel might be challenging. McCauley stated that positioning yourself in the back seat almost certainly gives an attractive outcome.

McCauley emphasizes that although a “hero” shot of the interior with the steering wheel as the focal point is important, if the objective is to sell the car, the seats should be the primary priority. “The seats tell the story of the car’s ownership and quality better than any other image,” he says.

If you have the intention of disposing of your vehicle for sale, or would like some nice visuals for you Instagram account, we argue it is worth taking a couple minutes to read through our advice. This is because there are some easy tips that could hugely better the outcome of the photos you eventually take.

Photograph Car Interiors Like a Pro

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