Introducing the All-New Hyundai N Vision 74 Epic R/C Car – Get Yours Today!

Experience the Thrill of a Korean Retro Hybrid Speedster Until an Official Release

The N Vision 74 concept from Hyundai has been recently introduced in the form of a compact, remote-controlled toy. This miniature version is precisely scaled at 1:10, measuring 18.1 inches in length, 7.3 inches in width, and standing at a height of 4.9 inches.

The N Vision 74 RC car is available for purchase on the South Korean version of the Hyundai Collection website. It is priced at ?498,000, which is approximately $372 according to current exchange rates. This puts it in a more budget-friendly range compared to Traxxas’ Ford Raptor R toy truck, while still being slightly pricier than the 1:10 scale Toyota GR Supra GT4. The cost of the N Vision 74 RC car also indicates that it is of hobby grade quality rather than a flimsy plaything.

Hyundai N | N Vision 74 RC Car Launch

The specifications for the N Vision 74 R/C car from Hyundai were not officially disclosed, but the accompanying video demonstrates its impressive agility. Additionally, the car showcases its ability to perform sideways movements, aided by its front wheels with a negative camber design.

To govern the model, every transaction comes with a 2.4 Ghz handheld transmitter equipped with a wheel for controlling direction and a trigger system for controlling speed and deceleration. This sleek controller is known as the CTX-2000 from RC expert Carisma Scale Adventure.

With regard to that remark, currently it is solely accessible in Hyundai’s country of origin – for the time being, at least. The company declared that its accessibility will be broadened to additional markets in the near future.

An exciting option for car enthusiasts is the 1:10 R/C version of the N Vision 74. As a pioneering experimental vehicle, the N Vision 74 serves as an essential testing ground for Hyundai’s N division, responsible for high-performance models such as the Hyundai Kona N, Ioniq 5 N, and Elantra N. With its impressive track record, the N Vision 74 represents a dream driving experience that can now be enjoyed through its R/C counterpart. The N Vision 74 is an award-winning concept car that combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design. While it may not be possible for everyone to get behind the wheel of the real thing, the R/C version offers a close-to-reality simulation. This miniature replica grants enthusiasts the chance to live out their N Vision 74 fantasies and explore its capabilities. One of the main objectives of the N Vision 74 was to push boundaries and test new ideas, making it a crucial contributor to the success of the N division. Through extensive experimentation and innovation, this concept car has paved the way for the development of some of Hyundai’s most high-performing vehicles. And now, with the R/C version, fans can see firsthand what makes it so extraordinary.From the Hyundai Kona

Persistent speculation has been circulating concerning the potential release of a production model of the N Vision 74 by the Korean auto manufacturer, with a possible limit of 70 units in 2026. According to other hearsay, this vehicle may boast a rear-wheel drive and utilize an 800 horsepower hydrogen fuel cell hybrid engine.

Furthermore, a number of patents related to hydrogen have been submitted by Hyundai, demonstrating their strong commitment to introducing this technology to the market in some capacity. We are eagerly anticipating its realization.

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