Introducing the Feature-Rich Aston Martin Vantage F1 Safety Car: A Technological Marvel

Upgraded with Additional Rear Wing, Not Seen on the Standard Model

According to current champion Max Verstappen, the previous Vantage Formula 1 Safety Car was notoriously sluggish. However, Aston Martin has taken notice of this issue and has made significant changes for the next-generation model. With a staggering increase of 153 horsepower, the new safety car will now have a total output of 656 hp. This upgraded version will make its debut at the upcoming 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, where it will be accompanied by the DBX707 F1 Medical Car.

When compared to the recently revealed Vantage for everyday use, the specialized model designed for Formula 1 boasts a noticeable front splitter and a hefty rear wing. These components are just a few elements of an extensive aerodynamic package, which also features an upgraded underfloor for improved air circulation. Surprisingly, even the light bar mounted on the roof has been redesigned with a focus on enhancing its aerodynamics.

The cabin has undergone numerous modifications as well. Instead of the standard seats, they have been replaced with a set of Recaro Pole Position bucket seats equipped with a racing harness, specifically for driver Bernd Mayländer and his companion. Aston Martin has also adjusted the center console to fit a multitude of buttons for the switchgear that is connected to the necessary FIA systems.

In addition, the passenger side boasts a few displays that indicate the current location of all vehicles on the racetrack in real-time, as well as provide live updates on lap times and a rearview camera view. The cabin features the distinctive Lime Essence design, which is only found in the Vantage F1 Safety Car and pays homage to Aston Martin’s eye-catching Racing Green livery.

Starting in 2021, Aston Martin and Mercedes have teamed up to fulfill the duties of F1 Safety Car. This alliance sees the introduction of the impressive AMG GT Black Series from the German automaker. While the new Vantage may be more powerful than its predecessor, the AMG supercar still reigns supreme with a whopping 720 horsepower. Beyond their shared responsibility, these two vehicles also share a common feature – the Vantage boasts a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, borrowed from AMG.

The AMG GT 63 S Four-Door Coupe has been transformed into a Medical Car for the F1 racetrack, replacing the DBX707 on a rotational basis.

Source: Aston Martin


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