Japanese Tuner Gives Renault Twingo R5 Turbo Tribute With Bold Modifications

Unleashing a V6 into a compact hatchback – a daring yet captivating experiment.

Cars Hatano, a renowned tuner from Japan, has a passion for enhancing European cars and their performance. Recently, at the prestigious 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, they proudly presented two third-generation Renault Twingos. One of these cars was a tribute to the legendary rally car, the R5 Turbo, which was commonly referred to as Le Car in the United States.The expert tuners at Cars Hatano have always been drawn to European vehicles, and their latest showcase of the Renault Twingo reflects their dedication to pushing the boundaries of car modification. These third-generation Twingos stood out among the other cars at the Auto Salon, with their sleek and modern designs combined with classic elements that paid homage to the legendary rally car.One of the Twingos featured a striking black and yellow color scheme, reminiscent of the iconic livery of the R5 Turbo. The aerodynamic body kit, complete with a large rear spoiler, added an aggressive touch to the otherwise compact car. Underneath the hood, the tuned engine produced a powerful roar, making it clear that this was not just a unique looking car, but also a high-performance machine.The second Twingo, painted in a vibrant red, paid tribute to the Le Car’s roots in American culture. This car

Known as the C’eLavie 105 Maxi prototype, this rally-inspired vehicle boasts distinct design elements, exemplified by its one-of-a-kind auxiliary lights that lend a bold off-road aesthetic to the front end. A second model, painted in striking red, offers a more subdued appearance that could easily be seen on a dealership lot, but make no mistake, both cars are wild and untamed, exuding larger-than-life characteristics despite their compact size.

The Maxi concept, inspired by rally designs, showcases a strong JDM influence seen through its vibrant color scheme of mostly blue and red.

Cars Hatano, a company that has been established since 1947, recently revealed that they drew inspiration from the famous Alpine A110 for their latest design. This can be seen in the car’s wheel design, which is reminiscent of the iconic sports car. Additionally, the interior of the car features a red and blue color scheme, paying homage to the classic Renault 5 Turbo. The bucket seats were developed in partnership with renowned French tuner, Ravage, and are upholstered in a luxurious velour material. It doesn’t get more traditionally French than plush velvet seats, paired with the timeless blue often associated with French racing. The end result is an impressive and sophisticated design that truly captures the essence of French automotive culture.

The Renault Maxi 5 Turbo, a rare ’80s model, boasted an impressive 300 horsepower from its 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-four engine. However, the upgraded version showcased at this event will feature a supercharged V6 instead. The exact power output is not yet determined as the tuner plans to install the six-cylinder engine after the Tokyo Auto Show. Additionally, another show car will also be on display, offering a 138-hp kit and various upgrades including improved engine and transmission mounts.

Even though we are eager to witness the Renault Twingo provide a distinctive offer to American car consumers, French car manufacturers have been absent from the market for many years. However, there are rumors that they might make a comeback in the US in the near future, and we certainly wouldn’t turn down models like these.

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