Renault 5 Electric Debuts: Leaked Images

The Little French EV: 249 Miles of Range.

Ahead of the imminent disclosure, the outside design for the modern Renault 5 has been released, providing us with our sharpest sight yet of the industrial-spec copy of the mini electric automobile.

Unveiled in the beginning of 2021, the Renault 5 E-Tech seen below captures a lot of the same stylish concept than when it first premiered. The retro-designed EV charmed everyone upon its reveal, thus rewarding us with the assurance that the French carmaker is staying as accurate as possible to the original design. Of course, minor changes still occur.

The frontal appearance is still the same; however, the lights on the bottom lip of the bumper have been a bit modified. Additionally, the black trimming that extended from this space has been reduced, while the ‘Renault’ identification, seen on the prototype, is absent. It brings to mind the vintage Renault 5 from the 1970s and 1980s, which were sold in stores here as the “Le Car.” This fashionable charm is what truly attracts us.

Renault 5 electric hatch proudly presents double charging points located at the left and right facial fenders. Though not as emphasized as its concept, this hatch preserves a dynamic contour. Definitely making it five-door type (Note the camouflaged back door handles), some might think that its prototype possessed three entries. As they move closer to launch, there’s a possibility that Renault will deliver diverse body shapes.

A two-tone paint job, and the presentation of this vehicle definitely signals that it is part of a higher trim package, highlighted with its distinctively dynamic red accents. At its premiere display, the prototype wheel design was featured on the automobile, though slightly smaller than that projected for the concept.

It is perhaps most noteworthy that the alterations made in the back are distinctive, with a less exacting plastic piece having displaced the groovy light bar.

It’s not necessarily doomsday, since the Renault 5 Electro-Mobile still keeps the right angles at the backside and slanted tail that are too well-known from the initial.

What else can we find out? The Parisian-based company has passed along information prior to the presentation slated for February 2024. Topping the list, this mini French EV boasts a capability of reaching 249 miles on one charge (utilizing WLTP approximations). That outpaces both the Fiat 500e and Mini Cooper Electric Hardtop in terms of usefulness, although regrettably, it falls short compared to the retiring Chevrolet Bolt’s range.

Two distinct battery packs shall be made obtainable: a 40 kWh and 52 kWh size; we anticipate that the latter furnishes 249 miles of autonomy. The 5 E-Tech shall be based on AmpR’s latest Small platform with an intricate multi-link rear suspension configuration, unprecedented for small cars.

A particularly interesting addition that has been confirmed is the charging indicator situated on the hood. Replacing the old air intake, a LED pattern in the shape of ‘5’ gives the driver a playfully displayed knowledge of their vehicle’s charging status.

With regards to pricing, Renault is stirring the pot with a budget-friendly base MSRP of €25,000 (roughly equivalent to $27,000) for its new 5 E-Tech model. This amount is cheaper than that of the Fiat 500e as well as the Mini EV. On the lower end, there will be a slighter and less expensive Twingo electric vehicle. Unfortunately, it regretfully appears there are no intentions to offer these French-made EVs in America where they could have been an amusing and economical entry into the world exotic of electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, it is foreseen that Renault’s deluxe segment, Alpine, shall make an entrance into the marketplace through a duo of sport utility vehicles in the imminent future.

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