Kia Carnival Recall: Sliding Door Safety Risk

2022-2023 Minivans Potentially Recall Estimated 51k

The iconic minivan has made its return with Kia’s Carnival, yet a likely issue concerning its power sliding doors (PSD) might have owners regretting foregoing the traditional swing-open design. As a result of this, the automaker originating from South Korea is recalling 51,568 units produced during the years 2022 and 2023, as the auto-reverse function supposedly isn’t in operation as it should be.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall number 23V-236 has raised the question, “What does as expected mean exactly?” Kia’s investigation into reports of injuries related to the Power Sliding Door (PSD) closing without detecting an obstruction dates back to the summer of 2021. According to the recall, Kia believes these injuries may be due to customers’ unawareness that the PSD is closing. Documentation included with the recall mentions several injuries allegedly occurring in this manner.

Third-party engineering firms were hired to perform tests, and no issues relating to the design of the doors or the auto-reverse operation were discovered. Despite this, reports of numerous injuries caused by the power doors have been made. Kia’s recall notice only mentions a “small number of injuries”, but associated documents cite nine confirmed cases of adults and children being hurt. These include seven bruises/cuts/scrapes, one fractured thumb, and one broken arm.

Since Kia hasn’t identified any issue, it currently appears that individuals are simply unaware the powered doors are closing. As such, the recall will incorporate a refresh to the programming for the entryways, introducing two cautions alarms to flag when the entryways are shutting. The velocity at which the doors shut will also be eased back as they go to the latching stage, plain providing more time for both children and grown-ups to evacuate their hands and arms from the vicinity.

The recall affects all 2022 model-year Carnivals, the initiation of the current iteration. Moreover, it is also valid to 2023 Carnivals constructed through February 22nd 2023. Those manufactured later already have the necessary update installed. Of course, the service will be provided at no cost; Kia commenced issuing official notices to those affected on 28th April and advised any apprehensive Carnival proprietors to reach out to their nearest car dealership.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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