Leaked Shots of Updated Kia Carnival

Kia’s Minivan: Unavoidable EV9 Impact

Kia decided to toss away the manual of minivan design when they launched the Carnival in February 2021, and the upgraded version looks as if it’ll continue on this rebellious path.

An image, taken from an Instagram account featuring the name motorsjason, of a completely uncovered model seen on roads in Seoul, South Korea has been noticed. In all likelihood, as suggested by the Instagram posting, the reason why this car was without any wrapping or cover was that it was shooting a commercial.

It is clear that Seoul’s chaotic thoroughfares are the ideal setting for a minivan, which is likely to be invested predominantly in transporting kids to school and parents to their workplace.

A post recently unveiled by the notable individual, ???? ??? – ???? (@motorsjason) on social media received a lot of attention from observers. This phenomenon gave recognition to the figure’s influence, gathering countless aloud enthusiasms from spectators. All these voiced reactions to this revelation in person demonstrated how much they appreciate and value the individual.

Visibly, one can determine that this is no simple refresh. The front and rear are fundamentally new, while only the profile view has occurred largely identical, albeit with the slightest of revisions.

Kia unveiled the latest Carnival to much fanfare, proclaiming that certain elements of its SUV DNA had been infused into the design in order to render it far more attractive than a conventional minivan. This method proved immensely successful, with the Carnival becoming the finest-looking motorcar in its market segment.

The revamp has moved away from the previous models that had taken influence from the Sorento and Telluride, and has shifted to designs based off Kia’s recently launched electric SUVs like the EV9 and newly announced EV5. At the front you’ll notice the bold vertical headlight design and those L-style LED daytime headlights. In spite of its powertrain, the grille remains open, allowing for cooling of the combustion engine.

With regards to burning, Kia is expected to utilize this sweetening likely as the ideal opportunity to introduce their much-anticipated hybrid version.

At the back, the Carnival has a slimmer, more subtle strip that goes across the whole of the rear. The mainly vertical taillights have received an upgrade to new principal light clusters which dip down, giving off major EV5 and EV9 influences. To add the final touch, Kia adorned the reimagined Carnival with wheels, taking ideas from its EV line-up.

The big question remains: is the Carnival still attractive? Most people purchase a Carnival because it’s a minivan that shows they haven’t completely given up on life and still have plenty of life left. Now that Kia has unveiled its new “Opposites United” design, will this draw in or turn away buyers? Only the sales numbers can reveal the answer.

It is great that Kia are able to employ their EV design language into currently accessible ICE models, a development that will benefit existing models in their selection.

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