Kia Introduces Electric Cars for 2022.

EV Model for Every Budget & Need

South Korean automobile company Kia is seeing expansion of its selection of compact electric vehicles in the upcoming years through the introduction of a crossover SUV and a minuscule hatchback, as renowned by Autocar.

Last year, Kia declared that it would introduce 14 new electric vehicles (EVs) by 2027. This year, it has added a secret new model to the list, giving us the impression that an electric sports car may be in the works. David Hilbert, Kia Europe’s head of marketing, has verified that the company’s EV offerings will encompass “all major segments”.

Presently, Kia’s electric vehicle selection involves the EV6 and peak-level EV9 sport-utility vehicle. It appears that this notation will be applied to other vehicles, implying that the smaller ones may very likely be EV1, EV2, and EV3. This has effectively been validated through the launch of the mini EV5 SUV, which has taken on design aspects from the larger EV9.

The EV5 is about to be exposed to the Chinese public, with a worldwide availability planned for the upcoming months. Additionally, an even tinier electric crossover is projected to join Kia’s current selection below the EV5. Europe is expected to be the intended market, where the specific EV will take on the Jeep Avenger, which unfortunately will not be shipped to America.

This is an absolutely essential sector in Europe. Therefore, Kia must provide attractive electric versions to stay competitive. Note that the carmaker will continue to present offerings like the Niro which is obtainable as a hybrid, plug-in environment friendly hybrid, and full EV – Besides the EV labeled assortment.

Hyundai Motor Group, which has a commanding position in Kia, is creating a successive architecture for the E-GMP platform to be utilized by EV6 and EV9. There is a probability that this system may be the foundation of Kia’s more diminutive EVs.

“We currently have a model range with vehicles like the [Golf-sized] Ceed family in the C-segment, and these are essential segments for us now and in the future,” Hilbert remarked. It is not yet known whether Kia plans to provide an electric version of this successful line of cars, however, there are plans to provide for the entry-level segment in the future.

Overseas, the Picanto remains a sought-after acquisition. Later in 2021, a recently designed combustion-model is likely to be released. Additionally, an electric version could be in the wings with the intention of competing against Volkswagen’s anticipated ID.2all hatchback – a cost-effective electric vehicle likely to become available by 2025.

Rumors suggest the recently discontinued Stinger has reappeared on the horizon, now as an electric sports sedan possibly labeled under the “GT1” name. Hyundai is apparently determined to offer various options of their electric vehicles to satisfy both needs and cost-efficiency for their clients.

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