Kia K4: Mastering Design in Its Newest Form

Revamped compact sedan boasts stylish teal interior.

Say goodbye to your preconceived notions about the old Kia Forte, as this is definitely not it. The new model is a completely revamped vehicle, especially in terms of its appearance. While details on its performance have not yet been revealed, Kia has released complete photos of their new compact sedan, which will make its official debut at the New York Auto Show on March 27th.

Although beauty is often subjective, it is undeniable that the newly unveiled K4 has caught the attention of many. It is safe to say that it has outshined its predecessor, the aging Forte (also known as the Cerato). Despite the somewhat awkward appearance of the rear pillar shown in the teasers, Kia has always been known for innovative and unique design choices.

The design of the outward appearance bears a striking resemblance to the smaller K3, which has now taken over from the Rio. However, this change is not taking place in the United States, as Kia is gradually discontinuing its entry-level sedan. The fresh K4 model seems to have a larger size than its predecessor, the Forte, and though it maintains a sporty sloping roofline, it remains a traditional sedan with a regular trunk opening. The door handles for the back doors have been integrated into the pillar, while the quarter glass has been expanded to a significant extent compared to the Forte’s. Additionally, the elongated rear doors suggest that the K4 is a more spacious vehicle.

The 2025 K4 from Kia boasts a striking teal interior, marking a significant departure from previous models. One notable change is the introduction of a dual-screen system, making it the first Kia to feature this technology. Despite this modern update, there are still traditional controls available for adjusting climate and volume, in addition to convenient shortcuts for frequently used features such as navigation and media. Located above the driver’s side door handle are buttons for heated and ventilated front seats, along with a heated steering wheel. The front passenger is also treated to a three-stage heated and ventilated seat.

The upcoming 2025 Kia K4 boasts a futuristic head-up display, an abundance of convenient USB ports, a powerful 12V 180W socket, and a handy drive mode button cleverly placed on the steering wheel. The stylish interior features a striking Slate Green upholstery, while alternative options include Canyon Brown, Onyx Black, and Medium Gray. For those who prefer physical controls over touchscreens, there is also a rotary controller conveniently located below the display.

The K4 is set to be released for purchase in the United States later this year, following its grand debut at the upcoming 2024 New York Auto Show next week.

Source: Kia

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