Mechanic: Compact Sedan Built To Last for Years!

Scotty Kilmer Praises 2017 Kia Forte for Reliability, MPG, and More.

Scotty Kilmer, the noted 55-year-old mechanic, not too long ago gave a YouTube review on the 2017 Kia Forte. After careful consideration, his opinion was that the inexpensive sedan is made to stand the test of time. Despite previous difficulties with some Kia models in the past, Kilmer lavished praise upon this iteration of the Forte and demonstrated how it compares favorably against the Toyota Corolla in terms of dependability.

I Was Wrong and I'm Sorry

Under the bonnet, the Kia Forte holds a four-cylinder Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) 16 valve engine of 2.0 liters, which has clocked over 100,000 miles and does not consume oil. This dependability is why Kilmer is such an avid advocate of this particular Kia model. He mentions prior models that encountered various engine breakdowns, mainly the 2014 Forte.

Kilmer references his customers who had engine rebuilds, only for the motor to malfunction after twelve months. By entering this Kia Forte, one can sense its potential. Although Kilmer states that a Toyota Corolla might be worth the additional cost, he admits this Forte is capable in terms of dependability.

Kilmer finds the Forte’s inner cabin quite attractive, with its dark and glossy fixtures. Though diminutive in size, there is still a plentiful amount of room inside. Kilmer also endorses the Forte’s MPG capabilities–logging at an outstanding 37 miles to the gallon–certainly you can’t beat that for its user who serves as an Uber operator!

Kilmer performs a diagnostic evaluation on the Kia, and it reflects that the battery condition is outstanding at 99%. Hence, this should not be of any concern for its owner. Furthermore, the transmission system of the Forte has been known to be problematic, however, Kilmer discovers no discrepancies in his diagnostics.

Kilmer jumps in the car and again commends the automatic transmission for how beautifully it shifts. He tests it out, accelerating from zero to use its gear changing capabilities, and still after 100,000 miles it proves to be an amazing piece of machinery. The Kia Forte affords individuals on a budget a perfect and economical solution; Kilmer’s video clearly showcases this.

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