Kia Stops TikTok Thefts with New Solution

Models Vulnerable to Kia Boyz Attack without Update

Kia has revealed an additional safety provided for customers with cars particularly vulnerable to rampant thievery noticed through viral clips shared on numerous social networks. As many are aware, certain Kia models are so easy to steal that proprietors took the South Korean brand to court and the issue is yet to be resolved.

This innovative security measure is a hardware overhaul for vehicles unable to get the program deepening Kia dropped out for appropriate models at the outset of 2023. Qualifying vehicles contain the Sportage from 2011-2016, Forte from 2011-2016, Soul from 2010-2022, Rio from 2011-2021 and the Sedona in 2014. The update will be done without any cost by way of Customer Fulfillment Initiative, plus you’ll acquire a spanking new window sticker indicating criminals that your Kia cannot be hijacked.

Kia’s latest system is a protection that shields the ignition cylinder from being stripped away, which can usually be seen in those notorious video clips. To further ensure that security measures are taken, Kia is freely providing 325,000 steering locks to owners who do not meet folio for the software amendment. They have announced that this offer will last until it is no longer in demand.

Kia has already carried out repairs on virtually nine hundred and forty thousand vehicles with a software upgrade, which just restricts the operation of the ignition system in the lack of the key. Yet, there are still thousands of autos that have yet to get this essential modification; however Kia proclaims they will be holding more clinics for software upgrades in major cities at the start of 2024. Unless up-to-date programming is present, theft is certain to continue.

“The safety of our vehicles is of the utmost importance to Kia, and we are continuing our efforts to keep our customers’ vehicles secure from theft, which has been facilitated by the proliferation of information across social media,” said Greg Silvestri, vice president of service operations, Kia America. “To further guard against these types of thefts, we are now offering the reinforcement of the ignition cylinder body free of charge for vehicles that do not have engine immobilizers and are not eligible for the security software upgrade. We strongly encourage owners of these vehicles to take advantage of this security measure.”

As an individual consumer, you can use your Kia VIN to identify which approach will be most beneficial. Cars that necessitate the hardware upgrade can have it fitted by a certified dealership nearby.

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