LA Police Impressed by Rezvani Armored Truck

Armored Vengeance: Escalade-Based, Unstoppable Beast.

What may a human life cost? The rate of security, one might ask. For lots of folks, the response is there can’t be any amount; however, Rezvani, the manufacturer of armored cars, believes differently – specificially to the tune of seven hundred thousand dollars. This is what it will cost for their forthcoming 2023 Vengeance protected truck.

This SUV is impressive, offering a plethora of safety features so that its priceless cargo can be transported securely. What’s more, it is able to serve as a great escape vehicle in urgent situations and can even generate a cloak of smoke on command.

On Tuesday, the YouTube channel Supercar Blondie presented an on-site review of the Cadillac Escalade-based SUV at Rezvani HQ in Los Angeles. Although it fails to go unnoticed by the local police, who clearly exhibit approval for this bulletproof monster.

The Ultimate Apocalypse Cybertruck!

On this charismatic Tuesday, the company was gathered together at its home base to observe up close the alluring Rezvani. In real life, it appeared even more stunning than in its depicted form.

The gloomy dove grey pigment, sturdy structure and combat-inspired peculiarities give the feel of a SWAT responder. Its competency and potency is nearly comparable to any other SWAT vehicle as the video creator dives into its qualities.

A 35″ run-flat tire is an essential feature for any dangerous situation. These military-grade tires will remain operational long enough to get out of harm’s way. The SUV also has bright LEDs all around, including light bars on both ends, and the front lights can be used to blind any threats ahead.

Strobe lighting can be disorienting to any nefarious characters, and there is much more in the Rezvani’s list of features.

You won’t be able to gain access to this armoured SUV since it has been equipped with electrified handlebars, ballistic glass that Tuesday demonstrates by operating a finger-width window and locked bolts on the doors.

The moment you’re inside, the extravagant feel of the Cadillac Escalade-styled cabin stays intact. Yet with such a vehicle, you won’t be able to take advantage of thermal imaging, nighttime vision or navigation amplified by augmented reality.

The rear of this Rezvani hasn’t been left unscathed, but is instead fully blacked-out. This sensational look is key for its core purpose: providing celebrities and VIPs with private transport. It is not intended to be covert but just to remain anonymous. Some may view the Vengeance as a great plaything, regardless the car still draws attention from law enforcement.

An affable and inquisitive police officer desired to gain further knowledge and on Tuesday exhibited the car to him as well asto the individuals that soon appeared at the location.

The policeman points out that the vehicle appears astonishing, to which the YouTuber inquires about its hidden, side view mirror-mounted armament. He speculated it was a camera but to his surprise discovered it was instead pepper spray. Do not fool around with this item and try to present it in front of the authorities, as Rezvani may have it loaded with actual pepper spray.

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