Last F8 Tributo Leaves Factory: Headed to N. America

Rare Model Year Car: Owner Unaware of Rarity

As noted by Car and Driver, a one-and-only Ferrari F8 Tributo is constructed and currently looms in existence. This novel model stands alone as the only one of its kind.

Confirmation has come from the publication that one model of 2023 was produced in Maranello, shortly before the production on the coupe concluded. This highly extraordinary specimen was constructed for Ferrari North America, denoting it might be situated anywhere within the United States, Canada, or Latin America.

It could appear trifling – and to nearly all of us, it is – although in the world of rare luxury vehicles, one very prominent feature of a vehicle can dramatically raise its price. Just consider how much money folks are willing to pay to own the primary or ultimate iteration of a sports car.

If the proud owner is aware of what they own, they’re unlikely to use it much; possessing a singular F8 Tributo of 2023’s models is highly distinctive. Furthermore, they understand they have the final Ferrari V8 coupe that wasn’t outfitted with electric power- well, then there’s even more cause to save it for an auction when the time comes. Interestingly enough, despite Ferrari shutting down orders for coupe and convertible editions last year, Car and Driver received confirmation from the automakers that the F8 Spider will still be built. Baffling.

Upon the unveiling of Ferrari’s 296 GTB and GTS in 2021, Maranello asserted that such models were not meant to supersede the F8 Tributo and Spider. Nevertheless, now it appears as though the 296 takes on that role as the entry-level mid-engine Ferrari. With production of the coupe having arrived at its actual conclusion, the inevitable cessation of the drop-top model should soon follow suit.

Ferrari came forward this year with the proclamation that four brand fresh vehicles will be out in 2021. The unveiling of the Roma Spider makes clear that three additional models are forthcoming. It is possible that two of them could be substitutes for the F8 coupé and convertible.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the singular 2023 F8 Tributo is distinct and extraordinary. Most likely, it will be on the market shortly.

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