Leaked Report: Alpha Tesla Cybertruck Design Flaws

Senior Engineer Dissatisfaction with Cybertruck Performance

It has been over three years since the Tesla Cybertruck was presented to the public. Initially intended to start production in 2021, there are still approximately 1.8 million people with reservations for the electric truck and who are waiting for it. Fortunately, they don’t have to wait much longer; expectedly, release models will be released by late August.

Why has the Cybertruck taken so long to arrive? It’s difficult to identify one single cause, since there are numerous elements in play. But, its unconventional design has certainly had a major impact on the delay of manufacturing. According to an exposed engineering report, the preproduction “alpha” Cybertruck had major issues with its suspension, brakes, and handling.

A whistleblower leaked one of the many internal “Tesla Files” last month, and one of these was an engineering report dated January 25 2022. We can safely assume that the majority of the issues discussed in the report have already been fixed. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to learn about some of the difficulties that Tesla encountered while constructing the Cybertruck over the course of its extended development.

One of the engineers was “blown away” by how Tesla was “struggling so much with the basics”, as reported by Wired. The report indicates that the Cybertruck’s unique design made it difficult to properly seal, thus resulting in excessive noise and leakage problems.

A new report has revealed that the much-anticipated Cybertruck may not be as safe as originally thought. The report noted that the vehicle had “lots of body roll, steering issues, and structural shake” when tested. Additionally, the pre-production model failed to meet the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) braking score of seven, which is considered “fair”. Instead, the Cybertruck achieved a mere four, making it potentially hazardous for public roads.

It’s obvious that a significant amount of effort has been put in over the past 1 and a half years. In any case, Mr. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, appears to be extremely certain in terms of the Q3 release of the initial models of Cybertruck. Bulk production of the latter is foreseen to commence in 2024, with a yearly goal of 375,000.

Source: Wired

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